Show the driver your activated PRESTO E-Ticket. For seniors, elementary and high school students. Coins go in the left slot and tickets and bills go in the right. Edmonton Transit Service also permits limited use of the Yellow School Bus Pass on our system. Youth: 13 years to 17 years. Adult: 18 years to 64 years. The Yellow Bus Pass must be punched by an Operator at the location marked on the pass, which is considered payment of one student fare. Use of Yellow School Bus Pass on ETS. Students, youth, seniors 65 plus and individuals in receipt of a disability pension can save with the $15 purchase of a 6-Ride Card. How to Ride; Rider Guidelines; Passenger Safety; Students; Bike and Ride; Travelling at Night; See Something, Hear Something, Say Something; Transit No Smoking By-Law; Wi-Fi … Click here for specific locations. Valid and for purchase on the day of travel at the terminal and on Conventional buses. The reader recognizes what type of fare or pass is on the card and approves or denies the ride electronically. Senior single-ride fare is half the adult single-ride fare. $7.75 / day: Family Day Pass Group of 4 or less, max 2 Adults/Seniors/Students. 10 Ride Packages. Information on Transit Fares. The TTC Transit Operator will issue a special transfer. When boarding the next bus with the transfer, riders must scan the bar code on the printed transfer at the fare box which validates the transfer. the fares using these tools! Monthly Pass: $30.00 : Student (post-secondary) UPASS : More information: Student (K to 12) Cash Fare: $2.00: Single boarding only – No transfers. Codiac Transpo also offers other passes tailored to your travel needs. Sustainable Development. 2018 Commitments; 2019 Commitments; FAQ's; Riding with Us. Fares. Students traveling on a bus service that does not offer electronic ticketing can purchase a 10-ride ticket. 10 Tickets: $22.50 : Day Pass: $5.00 : Monthly Pass: $50.00 : University Semester Pass: $170.00 : Student (K to 12) Cash Fare: $2.50: Drivers do not carry change. Student. Full time WLU students riding GRT can: Purchase an EasyGO fare card and Winter 2021 unlimited GRT Term Pass Valid: Jan. 1 - Apr. Read more about the Group fare. Customers may be asked to present their paper fare media to the driver for validation. Senior: 65 years & up (Free: Tuesday 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM and after 6:00 PM). 811 Middle Street Honolulu, HI 96819 (808) 848-5555 OnYourWay fare cards are non-transferable and will be confiscated if used by another person. Oakville Transit customers can pay using exact cash, PRESTO card loaded with funds or an Oakville Transit monthly pass product, valid paper transfer, special purpose paper monthly pass or special purpose ticket. Pay your TTC fare when you board in Toronto and pay your MiWay fare (cash fare $4.00 or MiWay ticket until Dec. 31, 2020) when you exit in Mississauga. ETS has many programs that provide reduced fare for groups of Edmontonians. Plan your routes and check. RTL. Free. Make it a family day for only $10. COVID-19: City of Winnipeg response and latest updates on City facilities and services COVID-19: Mesures prises par la Ville de Winnipeg et dernières nouvelles sur les installations et services municipaux One trip for a group composed of one adult and a maximum of ten children age 6 – 13. Start exploring. You can travel on the TTC every day. Fares. 65 years old + Points of Sale. Points of sale. Drivers do not carry change. The subway system is linked with buses and streetcars to get you around Toronto on one fare, provided it's a one-way trip with no stopovers. Child: 0 years to 12 years. Elementary, junior high or middle school, and secondary school students with a valid Canadian school-issued ID (13 years of age and older) PRESTO. An All Day Family Pass is available on weekends for $8.00/day exact cash fare. Access-A-Ride replacement Breeze cards can only be purchased at the Lethbridge Transit main office. Read More about Senior fares. 12 years of age and under. $2.49 There are no discounts for a Day Pass. When a customer boards a bus, he or she simply holds the card in front of the on-board reader to the pay the fare. Valid from first to last day of month. Receive unlimited travel with monthly passes. Obtain a photo OPUS card and save 40% per month on public transit fares! OPUS en ligne. The following rules apply to all single-use fares . Your Go-Pass card is reusable! Universal accessibility. Transfers. destination? Day Passes and Family Passes are purchased on the bus with exact fare of $8 into the fare box. Fare Programs. OPUS card. The WLU OneCard is not accepted as fare payment on GRT buses and ION trains in Winter 2021. Pay as you go at adult rate on buses and trams and our Hopper fare gives you unlimited journeys for £1.50, ... 18 + Student. 10 Tickets: $18.00 : Day Pass: $4.00: Only available on bus. Pay as you go Daily cap 7 Day Bus & Tram Pass Monthly Bus & Tram Pass Annual Bus & Tram Pass ; £1.50: £4.50: £14.80: £56.90: £592 Apprentice. Skip to main content of this page. Fares, schedules and ticketing for Greyhound Lines, the largest North American intercity bus company, with 16,000 daily bus departures to 3,100 destinations in the United States and Canada. When boarding the bus, do one of the following to pay your fare: Tap your PRESTO card on the PRESTO device. Only available on bus. When you transfer between HSR buses, you need to provide proof of payment or else you will have to pay another fare. Student Monthly Pass - $55.00/month for full-time students (with appropriate identification). Bus Fares; PRESTO; Senior Fare for Brampton Residents; Transfers and Connecting Transit; Affordable Transit Program; Veteran Pass Program ; Customer Charter. When paying cash on the bus, exact fare is required. $2.86: Stored value payment (Reduced fare) A single fare paid with the EasyGO fare card. Students and 65 years and over. Student (post-secondary) Cash Fare: $2.50: Please have exact change or ticket fare ready because drivers do not carry change. Expired Breeze cards can only be renewed at City Hall or Lethbridge Transit Office. Seniors 65+ can ride no charge on OC Transpo buses and the O-Train on Wednesdays and Sundays. LTA.GOV.SG now! Please retain your transfer if you need to travel on multiple buses to arrive at your destination. Passes can be purchased at UNB Student Union - The Welcome Centre, and at City Hall. The maximum cost of a 10-ride ticket is $14.40. If you’re using a fare gate, you must use a Presto card set with the senior discount. Standards and Regulations. Adult, Student, Senior: $3.00: January 1, 2020: Child (12 years and under)* FREE: January 1, 2020 *Free rides for children 12 and under is provided in the form of a grant from the City. Drivers do not carry change. These passes are for full time Saskatoon high-school students. Contact your school board to see if you qualify before buying a pass! Proof of payment can include tapping your PRESTO card, or showing your PRESTO E-Ticket or paper transfer to the driver when boarding. If you’re paying with cash, you must have exact change. OC Transpo and Para Transpo fares effective Jan. 1, 2021. In order to count this ridership and report to the City, children are required to tap an LTC FOB on the smart card reader each time they board. Students Zone. Riders paying with coins must request a printed paper transfer from the Bus Operator when boarding the bus. High school transit passes are sold in the school office as well as various locations throughout the city. Renewal is free, valid ID and/or student ID is required. Valid and for purchase on the day of travel at the terminal and on Conventional buses. Taking a bus, train, or cycling to your. Maximum 3 children with fare paying customer . Discounts for your employees on annual subscriptions and fares purchased in batches. Child. Terms of Use/Legal:: Privacy Policy ©OAHU TRANSIT SERVICES, INC. All rights reserved. Adults can save with the $17.50 purchase of a 6-Ride Card. Some high school students will receive a Presto card from their school board. Drivers do not carry change. Bring your Go-Pass to any of our Transit Pass Vendors and purchase more pre-paid ride packages, a calendar month or year of service. Fares. High School Students. Rider Type Price; Adult, Senior, Youth (includes 2-hour transfer) $3.05: Day Pass: $9.20: Family Day Pass: $9.20: Child (12 years and under) free (See note below.) Toronto Transit Commission. About bus fare. You can complete the Reduced-fare student OPUS card application form (no photocopies accepted, form must be dated within one month), or, if your institution offers proof of student status online, you can simply show that at the photo studio. You can buy your transit fares in several places: from station agents in the métro, at local businesses, or even in the comfort of your home with an OPUS card reader. Cash Fare (Exact fare only please - operators do not carry change) Bus Pass Pricing. Equipment and installations. Fare schedule. Free: EasyGO fare card: $5.00: Stored value payment (Adult fare) A single fare paid with the EasyGO fare card. Network Map. Ride Transit - The Ride Transit Program offers a monthly transit pass to eligible low-income Edmontonians at a subsidized rate of $34 or $48.50 per month (effective starting with April 2021 passes, prices will be adjusted to $35 or $50, depending on income).. Board of directors. Our latest featured projects are just a click away!

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