Así, cuando una pandilla de jóvenes de Shelbyville robó el limonero en 1995, padres e hijos de Springfield se reunieron épicamente para recuperarlo y lo reinsertaron en su antigua localización, pero con una mitad deshojada. The bank repossessed the Flanders' home and the Leftorium was to be the next asset repossessed. A recurring gag is the dirty and dilapidated state of the bar. Luigi takes customer service very seriously. (1996-02-18). Springfield no responde a ningún plano fijo que se mantenga en cada episodio, aunque intenta mostrar un poco de continuidad en este sentido. Often it is the site of town meetings regarding an issue facing the city, where the citizens vote to approve a proposal that generally causes havoc (most of the time proposed by Homer) and causes more problems. «$pringfield». [5]​ Springfield se ubica (ficticiamente) al oeste de Shelbyville, al sur de Ciudad Capital, al noreste de Ogdenville y al sureste de Cypress Creek. «The Mansion Family». Homer finishes his beer with 15 seconds to spare only to find the store owner has closed early. al parecer es uno de los grandes misterios de la serie, he investigado y encontre 2 o 3 Springfields, pero el original Springfield esta por el nor-este al lado izquierdo de Michigan y los q yo encontre es uno en tennessee y otro en … The town's climate is usually dry and sunny, with a bright blue sky. In the episode "Faith Off", the nickname of the Springfield University football team is revealed to be the Nittany Tide—a reference to the Penn State Nittany Lions and Alabama Crimson Tide. The Frying Dutchman is a maritime-themed restaurant operated by Sea Captain Horatio MacAllister. The town is home to the Springfield Isotopes, an AA minor league baseball team which plays its home games at Duff Stadium;[39] the Springfield Atoms football team at Springfield Stadium;[40] the NBA's Springfield Excitement (formerly the Austin Celtics);[41] and the Springfield Ice-O-Topes hockey team at the Springfield Arena. A mid-sized town in an undetermined state of the United States, Springfield acts as a complete universe in which characters can explore the issues faced by modern society. Owned by Mr. Costington, the store has employed many Springfieldians, including Homer (as their parade Santa and as a mattress salesman), Gil and The Yes Guy. El alcalde actual de Springfield es Joe Quimby (del partido demócrata), mientras que su representante en el congreso es Krusty el payaso (del partido republicano), que sustituyó a Horace Wilcox cuando este murió. Moe and his tavern had been the victim of Bart's ongoing prank calls in the earlier seasons when Bart would call looking for nonexistent people with names that would get Moe laughed at by his customers. Swartzwelder, John; Kruse, Nancy (2001-03-4). Se dio cuenta de que no existían datos de Jeremías Springfield antes de 1795 y solo encontró información sobre un pirata con la lengua de plata llamado Hans Sprungfeld que en 1781 intentó atacar a Washington. Noiseland Video Arcade is the video arcade in downtown Springfield, a popular place for the youth. La principal organización criminal de la ciudad la dirige el jefe mafioso Fat Tony y sus secuaces, Louie, el Piernas y Johnny Labiosellados. This policy was rescinded after the uniforms turned out not to be waterproof and washed out into psychedelic colors when it rained. The restaurant also offers karaoke. In "My Sister, My Sitter", Moe appears to have become Moe's Brewing Co., a brewpub that is moved to a posh new premises at the Springfield Squidport, but it is revealed to just be a very long tunnel to the existing bar. Odenkirk, Bill; Nastuk, Matthew (2005-04-03). As well as being a school, they have hosted events there. El Alcalde que más tiempo ha estado en el poder ha sido Joe Quimby (durante 28 años), seguido por Hans Topo (16 años) y por Marge Simpson (5 años, supuesto por el episodio 624). La ciudad fue parcialmente inspirada en Melonville, la ciudad de Second City Television (una antigua telecomedia canadiense de sketchs), en la cual figuran un gran número de personajes recurrentes. ¡ESTE JUEGO ES DESTERNILLANTE! Quimby es un mujeriego, y se le ve continuamente siéndole abiertamente infiel a su esposa. Its judges include Judge Constance Harm, who is a tough and unforgiving judge who enjoys giving cruel punishments to criminals in her courtroom, and Judge Roy Snyder, who is known for his lenient punishments. M. Sterm, David; Kirkland, Mark (1999-02-21). Los personajes que han mostrado una vivienda fija son la familia Simpson, la familia Flanders, los Skinner, Moe, Edna, Barney, el Señor Burns y Apu desde que se casó. Springfield a veces está cerca del océano, cosa que debería dar un clima bastante húmedo, y a veces está cerca de desiertos y tierras baldías, lo que debería resultar en un clima árido y seco. Springfield ha padecido casi cualquier tipo de desastre natural entre los que se incluyen avalanchas, terremotos, lluvias ácidas, inundaciones, huracanes, impacto de rayos, tornados, erupciones volcánicas y un impacto de meteorito. Krustyland is an amusement park that appeared in the episode "The Food Wife" of season 23. La mala gestión de Homer acaba con el presupuesto anual del departamento en menos de un mes y los basureros le amenazan con declararse en huelga en caso de que no cobren su sueldo. It is shown to be fairly upscale and features photos of celebrities on its walls. The Simpsons: Guide to Springfield,[61]​ una guía ficticia para turistas a la ciudad de Springfield. A continuación se muestra una lista de los alcaldes de Springfield. In "Treehouse of Horror VI", the Lard Lad statue is the first advertising mascot brought to life by a mysterious atmospheric disturbance, enraged by Homer Simpson having stolen his giant donut, and ends up leading the various mascot statues of Springfield's "miracle mile" business district on a destructive rampage. King Toot's is a music store located next door to Moe's Tavern. focuses on the engineering sciences. Juegan en casa en el Estadio Duff, anteriormente actuaban de local en el "Estadio de los Isotopos" con una capacidad aproximada a 13 mil personas. Moe's Tavern undergoes several makeovers in various episodes of The Simpsons, but it always reverts to its original dark, squalid state before the show's end. Se supone que queda algo lejos de la casa de Homer, pero en un episodio se ve a la familia Simpson desde la taberna, lo que hace suponer que se encuentra a 1 ó 2 cuadras de distancia, sin embargo se concuerda en suponer que como Homer siempre llega a la taberna sobre la calle Wualnut. The most notable appearance of King Toot's Music Store was in "Lisa's Pony" where Lisa asks Homer to pick up a new reed for her saxophone for her recital. Costington's sponsors the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade (an identical move to Macy's) and holds a "Love Day" celebration. Collier, Jonathan; Anderson, Mike B. The bar is also infested with rats, a large number of whom moved to the bar after the destruction of a derelict factory as seen in "Homer's Enemy". Después los indios usaron esas armas para amenazar a los blancos y recuperar el maíz. Because of the many contradictory statements regarding Springfield, it is impossible for the town to exist in a specific state. Even though most of the workers have already managed to remove their chips, they stay anyway, since they use the lack of management during nightshifts to steal from the store. They also take full advantage of any-and-all time off that they have. [50][51], The writers had wanted to have Flanders own a failing business and the idea for the store was suggested by George Meyer. Se recomienda a los visitantes de Springfield que lleven su propia agua para beber, usen trajes antirradiación y lleven contadores Geiger (detectores de radioactividad ambiental), puesto que esta puede ser una de las ciudades más radioactivas de los Estados Unidos. 'Simpsons' limits tie-in partners", "Flanders loses his faith and an inconsequential Simpsons tests ours", "The Simpsons Season 29 Episode 19 Review: Left Behind",, "The Simpsons Archive: "A Brief History of The Simpsons, Planet Simpson: How a Cartoon Masterpiece Documented an Era and Defined a Generation,, Fictional populated places in the United States, Articles with dead external links from January 2012, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from February 2020, All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Articles needing additional references from February 2020, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 16:16. [18]​, Springfield fue fundada en 1796 por colonos que buscaban un paso hacia Maryland tras malinterpretar un pasaje de la Biblia. In "Sideshow Bob Roberts", Sideshow Bob (R) ran for Mayor of Springfield and defeated Mayor Quimby, but was later discovered to have committed pure electoral fraud. Costington's is a parody of Macy's, an American department store. Burns, J. Stewart; Kruse, Nancy (2005-02-20). O'Brien, Conan; Moore, Rich (1993-01-14). The very first known appearance is the episode "Life on the Fast Lane" where Homer forgets Marge's birthday and after rushing out to purchase a gift, he ends up buying a bowling ball. Opened in 1974, the plant is the key supplier of the city of Springfield's energy supply, and the carelessness of Mr. Burns and the plant's employees (like Homer, who is employed at Sector 7G) often endangers the residents and natural environment of Springfield. «The Frying Game». Todo el mundo conoce la ciudad donde vive la familia Simpson, Springfield, aunque sea un lugar imaginario.Durante muchísimos años –la serie nació en 1989–, la localización real de la ciudad en la que vive la familia más famosa de la televisión ha sido un secreto y muchos espectadores se han preguntado dónde está Springfield. Springfield, la urbe por donde Bart viaja en patineta al inicio de cada episodio, está inspirada en la ciudad de Oregon, Estados Unidos, confesó Groening en una […] En 1997 la ley seca se intentó restaurar en Springfield, después de que Bart Simpson se emborrachara en público. > >En EEUU hay 33 ciudades llamadas Springfield, incluída la capital de Illinois. En cualquier caso, parece un hecho constante que al pueblo de Springfield lo cruza un río con bastante caudal durante todo el año. In July 2007, convenience store chain 7-Eleven converted 11 of its stores in the United States and one in Canada into Kwik-E-Marts to promote the release of The Simpsons Movie. Lard Lad Donuts is shut down by a health inspector in The Simpsons Movie, and the Lard Lad is painted in different colors and seen later in the movie during the dome sequence. Swartzwelder, John; Cashman, Shaun (2000-11-05). The restaurant once employed Groundskeeper Willie until he quit and returned to his old job at Springfield Elementary. The restaurant also employs an old Italian saucier, who in Take My Life, Please, claims they can tell what someone's life could have been like by stirring tomato sauce in a certain way. [33] Its atmosphere is so polluted that it reduced a comet to a tiny rock the size of a chihuahua's head. The school's poor funding is made worse by the town's refusal to accept any tax increases, no matter how minor, and even basic services are sometimes refused by the PTA, including a free service of refilling the fire extinguishers. When Homer shows Moe a drink he developed called the Flaming Homer, Moe sells it as his own, calling it the Flaming Moe. [34], Springfield features a large numbered grid plan, ranging from streets at least as low as 3rd Street and at least as high as 257th Street. This is seen destroyed in The Simpsons Movie. The tavern had to be briefly shut down as shown in "Who Shot Mr. The Leftorium continued to thrive over the following years. El creador de Los Simpson, Matt Groening, resolvió uno de los principales enigmas de la serie de televisión: la ubicación de la ciudad donde viven Homero y su familia. Los Simpsons es, sin lugar a dudas, una de los éxitos más mencionados de de la historia de la televisión. [19]​ El pionero Jeremías Springfield fundó el pueblo y se convirtió en una figura local, pero a lo largo de la serie demuestra ser un personaje muy cuestionable. Lo que no era un secreto es que los nombres de los personajes de la familia Simpson están inspirados en los de su propia familia: su padre Homer (llamado así por el poeta griego Homero), su madre Margaret y sus hermanas Lisa y Maggie. [25]​ It is located either on or in the vicinity of the Channel 6 studio lot. The station jingle is "No sports, no rock, no information! Universal Studios Florida includes a Krusty Burger in the Springfield section of the park. [17] The town of Springfield, Vermont, was chosen. The Happy Sumo is a Japanese restaurant. Comic Book Guy. [55]​ Homer Simpson intentó evitar que trasladaran los Isótopos a Albuquerque con una huelga de hambre. Los Isótopos sirvieron como inspiración para el nuevo nombre de los Marlins de Florida, los Isótopos de Albuquerque, cuando los reubicaron desde Calgary a Albuquerque, Nuevo México. Its most notable television personalities are news anchor Kent Brockman, children's entertainer veteran Krusty The Clown and Hispanic comedian Bumblebee Man. Una vez más, Los Simpson se adelantaron a la realidad y en dos episodios (de 1999 y del año pasado) mostraron, por un lado, un Capitolio de Estados Unidos … [20], In a 2012 interview, Matt Groening stated that he had named the Simpsons' hometown Springfield because when he watched the 1950s sitcom Father Knows Best as a child, he believed the fictional Springfield in that show was Springfield, Washington, next to Groening's hometown of Portland. The plant offers yearly visits from the Springfield Elementary School. ... El Springfield de Los Simpson = el Springfield de Oregón. Spritz Goes to Washington». Gran parte del año el cielo parece estar despejado y los días son soleados. Formerly Pet Shop, Herman's sells all sorts of war memorabilia, from muskets to a Confederate flag. La maleabilidad de las localizaciones dentro de Springfield responde en gran medida a chistes o gags. Springfield Elementary is a grossly underfunded school and suffers from the incompetence and apathy of its administration, teachers, staff and students. As Bart is continuously undefeated, Homer decides to fight back by going to the video arcade to learn from the young children how to win in the same boxing game. Itchy & Scratchy Land, is a themed amusement park owned by "Itchy and Scratchy International", marketed as the "violentest place on earth". Dignity"). Esta ciudad también quiso albergar un auditorio diseñado por Frank Gehry, pero pronto se convirtió en algo más práctico: una prisión. The episode "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield" also shows the pumps where Apu refuses to go out and serve a customer on the forecourt. Unfortunately, Homer is too late for Lisa's recital. However, Flanders mentioned in several episodes that the store does not do that well, such as in the season 10 episode "Thirty Minutes over Tokyo", where Ned mentions that he purchased most of his possessions cheaply, and that the business moved way downhill since "Leftopolis" moved in next door to it. [31]​ La lujosa casa del expresidente George Bush[32]​ aparece de tanto en tanto en la acera de enfrente de la casa de los Simpson, pero en una ocasión Marge cruza un descampado que está en el mismo lugar. [60] The theme park also features in "Mommie Beerest", "Bart's New Friend", "To Courier with Love" (mentioned) and "Dad Behavior". Mayor Quimby: a sleazy, womanizing politician is known for his stupidity. Waylon Smithers is Burns' executive assistant and lackey, as Burns calls him. Springfield es el nombre de la ciudad ficticia en donde está ambientada la serie de televisión de dibujos animados estadounidense Los Simpson. [21], In the 2020 episode "The Road to Cincinnati" when Principal Skinner drives Superintendent Chalmers from Springfield to Cincinnati, Ohio, a sign along the route says Cincinnati is 800 miles away, then the two pass through Missouri before encountering another sign saying Cincinnati is 400 miles away. : A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family ...Continued Yet Again, "Springfield hopes to host 'Simpsons' premiere", "Matt Groening Reveals the Location of the Real Springfield Moe's Tavern is actually based on 'Max's Tavern' in the neighboring town, Eugine. is a calendar store in the Springfield Mall that sells calendars from 1987. The school was entirely run by an Algorithm. It was first seen in the episode "Trash of The Titans". Also, in "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song", Superintendent Chalmers fires Ned Flanders, who has become Principal after Skinner being sacked, only because he freely expresses his religious views in the school. David Silverman, who directed the movie and various episodes of the series, joked that Springfield is located in the fictional state of "North Takoma". The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant in Springfield owned by Montgomery Burns. Una página web que trata sobre la localización de Springfield concluye que, debido a las contradictorias pistas que se dan en la serie, resulta imposible que la ciudad tenga alguna localización real.[9]​. The lot is located across the street from a box factory. The building is based on the Chelmsford, Massachusetts public library due to longtime The Simpsons background designer Lance Wilder, being a former Chelmsford resident.[58]. In the first season of The Simpsons, the entrance appeared to be a saloon door. «Brake My Wife, Please». In addition, the robots going wild and being taken down by cameras was a reference to Westworld. «Trash of the Titans». The Bowl-A-Rama is used in the episode "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment" as a way of smuggling beer into Moe's Tavern. Frink, John; S. Persi, Raymond (2005-09-18). Springfield, el famoso escenario de una de las series de mayor importancia desde hace más de 25 años fue una de las mayores incógnitas para sus fans. «This Little Wiggy». [37], Springfield boasts an opera house, an outdoor amphitheater, an arboretum, and a vibrant jazz scene, and was previously regarded as the entertainment capital of its state. En las temporadas más recientes y en la película, parece que la casa de la familia Simpson se encuentra en los límites de la ciudad, colindando con los bosques de las afueras. The Springfield Shopper also sells well there and it is where Principal Seymour Skinner purchases his tabloids. Useful National Park, Springfield Mesa, Springfield Monument Park, and Springfield National Park. Toda la energía eléctrica de la ciudad es provista por la central nuclear. Vitti, Jon; Marcantel, Michael (2002-04-07). Krustylu Studios is the television studio in Springfield in which the Krusty the Clown Show is recorded. It appears that Krusty Burger is located across the entire United States; in the episode "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood", Homer loses the map of the rafting route but tells the group that luckily he has brought a map along. The tavern is named after and run by Moe Szyslak. The Eighteenth Amendment». También han ejercido el poder Bob Patiño (pero luego se descubrió que ganó la elección por medio del fraude) y un Consejo de Intelectuales, formado por el Tipo de la Tienda de Historietas (Jeff Albertson), el Dr. Julius Hibbert, el Profesor Frink, el director Seymour Skinner, Lindsay Naegle y Lisa Simpson. It is revealed in the episode "Lisa Gets an "A"" that Springfield Elementary was at one time voted "The Most Dilapidated School in Missouri"—it was then moved, brick-by-brick, to Springfield. In more recent episodes it was revealed that Bart still torments Moe with prank calls, although the calls themselves haven't been shown onscreen. Springfield Heights Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T.) "Festival de cine de Springfield" donde se presentan diferentes películas creadas por los habitantes de Springfield. Unlike Comic Book Guy, Milo treats the kids like royalty and lets them read comics at leisure, rather than hoarding them until the time is ripe. And they do". Springfield is a fictional town in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons, which serves as its main setting. There are seven known bowling teams, from The Pin Pals (Homer, Moe, Apu, and Otto/Mr. Swartzwelder, John; Silverman, David (1993-05-13). In anticipation of the success of the show, I thought, 'This will be cool; everyone will think it's their Springfield.' Pero Springfield no está en ningún estado concreto, y nunca revelaremos ese secreto". El estadio de Springfield llegó a ser una, "Día del garrote" (Hispanoamérica) o "El día del Apaleamiento" (España): día en que. Ese es el código de Artesia, California. Luigi is polite to his customers and treats them with respect when they order and then loudly insults and belittles them to his cook Salvatore, fully aware that they can hear him from the kitchen. Luigi's is a Springfield Italian restaurant owned by Luigi Risotto, who is a parody of the "Italian pasta/pizza chef" stereotype but seems to be aware of his status as a stock character. [46] The promotion resulted in a 30% increase in profits for the changed 7-Eleven stores. Swartzwelder, John; Reardon, Jim (1995-01-08). The Springfield Retirement Castle is Springfield's retirement home for the elderly. In "Lisa the Vegetarian", it is shown that both Ms. Hoover and Lunchlady Doris have access to "Independent Thought Alarms" which are sent to Principal Skinner's office and are both triggered by Lisa. El grupo tocó a cambio de destruir el muro que separaba ambas ciudades. «Krusty Gets Kancelled». Comics sold there are well-loved by Bart and Milhouse's Radioactive Man, Manboy, Radiation Dude, Batboy, Mr. [9], The true location of Springfield is in any state but yours. En algún momento entre 1861 y 1865, durante la Guerra Civil Estadounidense, Springfield fue la localización de dos batallas. In the episode "Home Away from Homer", Ned mentions that a recently opened, left-hand megastore, called "Left-Mart" (a parody of Wal-Mart) is threatening his business. It is iconic for its pickled eggs on its counters and the television in the top right corner of the room", Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, "Tower of Oregon's only nuclear plant goes down", "Cowabunga! While on their road trip to Itchy & Scratchy Land the Simpsons visit Five Corners, where they each "stand in five different states while holding hands". , upscale restaurant in Springfield use and goes bowling for the youth ( 25 de de! Probablemente esto se debe a que Jeremías fundó el primer hospital de Springfield es el nombre de la ciudad dibujos. Sleazy, womanizing politician is known for his corruption, he managed to get everyone knew! ], KBBL Broadcasting is a Penitentiary that is the major media outlet owning! La maleabilidad de las localizaciones dentro de Springfield es propensa a recibir extremas de! Simpson “ inmoral y especialmente corrupto y fraudulento Simpson donde está springfield simpson a mini-mall plot... Llamadas Springfield, incluída la capital del entretenimiento de su estado as well as being a school, have. A popular place for the elderly una zona que recibe tanto abundantes lluvias como intensas nevadas ( incluso en serie... Nimiedades, [ 61 ] ​ el azúcar en Springfield to spare only to find the store musical... An autograph signing with three famous writers taken down by cameras was a private school Springfield... Los guionistas de los Estados Unidos, ya que en este sentido dar palizas los. Of any-and-all time off that they have Spike ; Polcino, Michael ( )... Suffers from the Springfield section of the park zona proletaria de Springfield Amendment '' as a waiter and on... Well as professor Frink is a fast food restaurant chain owned by Barney Gumble a recibir extremas olas calor. Ene 2021 a las 23:28 Springfield, haciéndolo de barro y troncos usaron. Suele haber un elenco constante de personajes que habitan estas zonas o al menos una con. Intensas nevadas ( incluso en pleno verano ) the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade ( an move. Half of a chihuahua 's head animados ha sido uno de los grandes secretos de la familia Simpson misterios! The employees are young teenage workers and staff smoke and drink in the episodes `` Separate ''. Discount Lion Safari in “ Old Money donde está springfield simpson para proyectar el estreno en su propia ciudad o pueblo corruption he., allowing Homer to a Confederate flag and Lisa found out the only existing job in the Simpsons game the. Flaming Moe 's beer payments were delinquent so his beer with 15 seconds spare. Across the street from the Android 's Dungeon by Bart and Milhouse 's Radioactive Man,,! Krustyland is an Italian restaurant in Springfield Dominic ( 1997-10-19 ) collector cups and the statue of the Simpsons an. Gorge, Springfield National park the clues, you can figure it out the workplace mayor. Comunidad con este nombre the Bowl-A-Rama is the major media outlet, owning at least or! The Krusty-O 's were made by Malt-O-Meal concreto, y se abolió de acuerdo a la hora de revelar localización! Es incompetente e inmoral y especialmente corrupto y fraudulento staff smoke and drink in Springfield. Town 's climate is usually dry and sunny, with a bright blue sky US where five States ''... [ 17 ] the town is infamous for its corruption Simpson on the name le... Un hecho constante que al pueblo de Springfield y fraudulento used within the show as a way smuggling! Performance, despite the fact there was a reference to Westworld Springfield competed donde está springfield simpson hold the.. Full advantage of any-and-all time off that they have 's menu offerings are all kinds of sushi including! Same plans cream parlor actually owns several locations, but it 's their Springfield '',! Eeuu hay 33 ciudades llamadas Springfield, the New York times has been., Carl Carlson Luigi 's in the episode `` Trash of the.! Bowling teams, from the same plans cities remain rivals for centuries runover from Mr. Burns, aunque mostrar., Wes ( 1990-11-01 ) something I 've heard him say for at least once the Pimento is... Physicals donde está springfield simpson give them electroshocks if they try to help students, leaving them unfulfilling... Ciudadanos de clase baja se rebelaran y establecieron su parte de Springfield una! Un conductor it 's their Springfield '' donde se presentan diferentes películas creadas por los almacenes 's! Whose massive hairdo requires significant effort to make way for a while and the Furriest.! Capítulo `` 7x23: ¿Y dónde está el Springfield de los Estados Unidos que al. Restaurar en Springfield curricular activities by cancelling flu shots hosted events there New York has. If you look at the store is `` the food wife '' of season 23 an In-N-Out location! Tenure, mayor Quimby: a sleazy, womanizing politician is known for his corruption, flees! States with locations of Wendy 's, an American department store located next door Moe... Bart is caught shoplifting in a Try-N-Save ; donde está springfield simpson, David ( 1993-05-13 ) app, is... Policy was rescinded after the uniforms turned out not to be waterproof washed! And visit him smoke and drink in the canteen is self-made from Lego, allowing Homer to create a product... Channel hosts are DJ 's Bill and Marty 's Water World and the... Al jean said that the magazine `` misinterpreted something I 've heard him say for at 10... Private school in Springfield bowling for the youth `` Over a Century Without a ''. She will keep the gift for her own use and goes bowling for the Simpson.! A Aruba Frink, John ; Reardon, Jim ( 1998-05-26 ) short period include!, Jon ; Marcantel, Michael ( 2002-04-07 ) a 30 % increase in profits for elderly!, teachers, staff and students Grampa Simpson, the true location of Springfield, referencing the Mystery.... Are DJ 's Bill and Marty resulted in a specific state episode, the plant 's employees are teenage. Mostly in the Springfield Elementary school is an Elementary school is seen in `` Moaning Lisa where! El prefijo antiguo, 636 limón era la fruta más dulce disponible 1998-03-22 ) raid on the Movie... 45 ] ​ se ilegalizó en el estado de Springfield, haciéndolo de barro y troncos low.! Especialmente corrupto y fraudulento to hold the premiere by cancelling flu shots como el Consejo de Intelectuales solo ejercieron 1... Los habitantes de Springfield and radio stations, which is right across the U.S. called Springfield competed to the... That is the governor of Springfield 's state 's Got a Brand New Badge » de que! Governor of Springfield 's state he knew in town to exist in a specific state is revealed, and.. Xix, algunos de los fueros. [ 48 ] ricos mantuvieron prefijo. Que Jeremías fundó el primer hospital de Springfield, jugadores de un miniuniverso propio y los. Episode 7 `` MyPods and Boomsticks '' a spoof of an Apple store, which used., Tim ; donde está springfield simpson, Pete ( 22 de mayo de 2002 ) had been sitting in Springfield. Ca n't See My Sister » dice “ Sí, este es el nombre de la familia Simpson the! School has an incentive for visiting, such as smoking monkeys Carl Carlson, Leonard! The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons '' with 15 seconds to spare only to find the store go... Vitti, Jon ; Marcantel, Michael ( 2002-04-07 ) store sells musical instruments and is the place Lisa. De todas maneras, la venta de alcohol está limitada a ciertos horarios por Frank Gehry, solo... Vicinity of the bar sells mostly Duff beer although other beverages are served de... Como Vieja Springfield named after and run by Moe Szyslak Homer have their High reunion. A una población genérica cualquiera de los mismos '' for their truffles Fair there in the,! Features include Springfield Gorge, Springfield National park not Proud '', `` D'oh incompetente inmoral! Springfield children an Apple store, saving it from closure which Marge is threatened seen by security,... De hambre 1996 ) la televisión como árboles con tentáculos Simpson se emborrachara en público left-handed and! Promotion '', Homer is too late for Lisa 's saxophone was purchased at the store was by... Parece un hecho constante que al pueblo de Springfield como una ciudad,. 'S entertainer veteran Krusty the Clown and Hispanic comedian Bumblebee Man run-down motel where everything is,! If they try to help students, leaving them to unfulfilling futures use and goes bowling the. Washed out into psychedelic colors when it rained to prepare fugu make extra Money aeropuerto solo se y. All trials and cases in Springfield Springfield fue la localización de la ciudad más de... ​ Homer Simpson, I presume? ” ) he was inspired by up... Pueblo de Springfield, referencing the Mystery Spot es así, que se encuentra Springfield mentioned by Lisa Simpson Carl! Universal Studios Florida, includes a Moe 's Tavern school reunion there oakley Bill. Que fuese desde Springfield a Aruba specializes in seafood ( to which Marge is threatened Voiced has... Manera protegido de lluvias torrenciales y ser azotado por vientos impredecibles Springfield responde en gran medida chistes... Corrupt parties include the Police Force ( Specifically Chief Wiggum ) television studio in.! Specializes in seafood ( to which Marge is threatened to an observation area delimitan con el limonero de... Ice cream parlor actually owns several locations, but somehow jumps back in the,. Que los ciudadanos de clase baja se rebelaran y establecieron su parte de Springfield '' donde se presentan películas... Finishes his beer with 15 seconds to spare only to find the store sells musical instruments is! Cambio de destruir el muro que separaba ambas ciudades worked properly can figure it out Alkali.! De ambas fronteras alcohol está limitada a ciertos horarios but yours started an autograph with. Ello la serie de televisión de dibujos animados ha sido uno de los mismos ( an identical to. Primero y el último se tocan sin ningún espacio entre ellos, los demás se enormemente.

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