It also makes it hard for any ground dwelling critters to climb up and eat fruits and leaves. • A working knowledge of wine, spirits, beer, and bartending (or a willingness to learn) Whisk well, until slightly frothy. Set aside. ¼ cup Olive Oil If crust or filling become too brown, cover loosely with foil. As culinary director, Whitney has her hands involved in all aspects of Greyfield Inn’s dining experience – from harvesting to preparing to plating. One of our personal favorites is sheepshead. Each year, Cumberland Island accounts for 25-30% of the statewide nesting total. Due to its small, intimate style, no more than two guests will be permitted in the bar at one time during cocktail hour. Then we hopped over to Cumberland Island for a night at the stunning Greyfield Inn. Jada brings a minimalistic approach to the table – showcasing fresh vegetables from the Greyfield Garden while allowing sustainable and thoughtfully procured meats, seafoods, spices, and aromatics to complement the seasonal flavors, keeping her dishes rooted in a Southern style. Our prep started around 11:30 pm. Be assured that each room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to check in. You want the edges of the pie to be a light golden brown when you remove it from oven. A year may sound like a while, but when you’re selecting wines for a property that is seemingly frozen in amber, it feels like light-speed. Now that you have a tight vertical string, you can wrap the stem or vine of the plant around the twine. Pull the twine down to meet the base of the plant and use the clips to hold the stem of the plant to a taut trellis line. A few things the right candidate should know: We like to work. Now, in order to properly fish on the island, you have to learn from those who have been doing it for years. Please let us know your first and last name(s), and correct spelling. Guests will not be permitted in the cab (interior) of the truck. And what is Thanksgiving (or any other time of the year for that matter) without pie? All staff will be required to answer the same questions posed to our guests daily, as well as have their temperatures checked before entering the inn. If, at any time during your stay, you would like a wine, beer, spirit, or cocktail, please see any staff member. Purple and Brown: These tomatoes tend to be complex, intensely flavorful, and flat out delicious. August 7, 2020 Careers. You will see staff regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces in common areas such as banisters, doorknobs, light switches, and more. Combining cantaloupe, Mexican sour gerkins, micro basil, mint, peppercress, lime, and espellete creates a refreshing afternoon snack. This variety of sweet red peppers includes Corno di Toro Rosso, Round of Hungary, Lipstick, and Jimmy Nardello. Greyfield Inn is Hiring | House and Wait Staff, Seasonal Changes and Warmer Weather on Cumberland Island, Prior to your arrival, we ask that each individual visitor answers and returns our screening questionnaire no less than 72 hours before scheduled arrival. Activities. Staff will practice regular and frequent hand washing (20 seconds) per CDC guidelines. Reduce oven temperature to 350 F. In a bowl whisk together egg yolks, eggs, heavy cream, and 1 teaspoon salt. Room service for meals will not be available. I hope you do too. • Excellent people skills February 9, 2018 A Day in the Life, Cumberland Island. Greyfield Inn was built by the Carnegie family in 1900, primarily as a winter home for members of the Pittsburgh-based steel dynasty. Christopher Becerra, Service & Beverage Director. I am pretty sure its evolution took place during my years in the South but its origins, I claim them to be instinctual. As your crops get taller, you’ll want to add more twine to both sides about every six inches in height. Green: These tomatoes tend to be a bit sweeet with a very full, rich flavor and closely resemble the taste of red tomatoes. Communal hors d’oeuvres normally served at cocktail hour will be replaced by a small bite or “amuse-bouche” presented at the start of your meal, after being seated in the dining room. It’s an exciting time with the nesting season beginning, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources anticipates the nest number to be above average for 2017. June 28, 2016 Greyfield Garden. Drop off your passenger and/or luggage to meet he Boat Captain at Dock 3 next to the “Lucy R. Ferguson” sign on the dock rail. On more than one occasion, I have heard both guests and staff remark that “change comes slowly to Greyfield.” Over the past year, I’ve come to observe that this is largely true. That said, I’m a big believer in showing someone something, rather than just lecturing them about it. Tales from Chef Whitney Otawka’s Kitchen: Tomato Pie! My nearest and dearest line cooking partner in crime, Ben, was also tasked with making Chicken Bog for said event. 4 North Second Street #300 Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034 Phone: 904-261-6408 We’d like to acknowledge to those who are familiar with Greyfield and to those who have yet to experience the magic of this island: our commitment to providing each of you with a unique experience remains, as ever, unwavering. In order to safely do so and still provide you with an exceptional stay, we have enacted added measures and adjustments to our guest services and already stringent protocols to ensure the continued health of our guests and staff. Greyfield Inn: Day Trip! Fall and winter are some of my favorite times to pull open more opulent white wines, like Vouvray or white Rhône blends, as well as delicate but structured red Burgundies, or Barbarescos. The most commonly caught fish are trout and redfish, along with some sheepshead here and there. Our site is developed with the latest technology, which is not supported by older browsers Bake at 350 degrees until set, about 40-45 minutes. Our culinary program at Greyfield Inn is rooted in Southern tradition while being intangibly linked to coastal heritage. There is no Internet. Taking your lunch and spending some time at any of these spots, with a fishing rod, of course, is highly encouraged. Winter days on the island force you to move activities that might normally be in the water to a warmer place – above water. Your patience and understanding are very much appreciated. So, come visit. With summer quickly approaching (bringing along with it the warmer temperatures), we have even noticed changes in our flora. For climbing crops like cucumbers, beans, and peas, setting up a trellis system while the crops are young or just emerging from the ground is best. As you may be aware, communal aspects such as meals, cocktail and hors d’oeuvre hours, and naturalist outings are an important part of the Greyfield experience. March. Swim and sunbathe on a secluded 18-mile beach. Culinary Gardeners’ Ryan Graycheck and Maya Velasco are busy harvesting everything from heirloom tomatoes to fingerling potatoes, providing the culinary team with delicious ingredients used to feed the guests of Greyfield Inn. Next, add remaining ½ cup of shredded white cheddar. I especially enjoy a slice of this with a big dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. These seasonal changes also bring warmer water temperatures, which act as the catalyst to begin the sea turtle nesting season. I think a good wine list can be any size, as long as it seeks to bridge gaps and spark intrigue. Our office will contact you prior to arrival to schedule your arrivals and departures. We have been carefully monitoring all news related to COVID-19, as well as all recommendations and alerts provided by the CDC and WHO, and in compliance with Georgia orders, the CDC, and health professionals’ guidelines, we are implementing the following practices. When not working on Cumberland Island, Whitney’s been embarking on culinary adventures to draw on some fresh inspiration. It also fostered spirited conversations between our staff, our guests, and myself. As much as possible, staff will be wearing nitrile gloves and changing them often. The National Park Service operates a ferry from St. Mary’s, Georgia (except during the government shutdowns), but the schedule is limited, meaning you need to dedicate an entire day to a visit to Cumberland Island (if you aren’t staying overnight.) We work a lot. Those rich flavors of pumpkin, chocolate, apple and nuts along with the fragrant spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves always remind me of another reason to love fall, Thanksgiving. 1½ cups Sharp White Cheddar (Cabot is a good starting point), shredded Show all Photos. Mitty Ferguson is owner & operator of Greyfield and Hadley is his daughter, who grew up on the island and currently resides in Boston (spending every vacation possible at home, fishing with her dad). Sometimes, it takes a few tries. This adds balance to the sometimes cloying sweetness of some pecan pies. The citrus trees are in full bloom, filling the gardens with their fragrance. There was a marked up-tick in dining room chatter about the wines after the nightly dinner announcements, and what seemed like relief at not having to fuss too long over which wine to choose. To help justify the $600 nightly rate, a stay at Greyfield Inn does include a ferry ride, meals, activities, and more. These seasonal changes could not have occurred at a better time, as we celebrated a handful of naturalist events throughout the month of April here at Greyfield Inn. The wine is aged in large, acacia wood casks, giving it a structured backbone. Greyfield Inn, Cumberland Island: See 317 traveller reviews, 246 photos, and cheap rates for Greyfield Inn, ranked #1 of 1 hotel in Cumberland Island and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. ¼ teaspoon Dried Harrisa Beat brown sugar and corn syrups. You may have tasted this little-discussed white grape if you’ve ever been lucky enough to sample the truly extraordinary Azú sweet wines of Hungary’s Tokaj region. We work with our mentor, Pete, to assess the strength of the remaining hives that made it through the winter. Greyfield Inn’s private setting boasts 200-acres of unspoiled land. When the Question Really Is: What Wine Would You Want if You Were Actually on a Deserted Island? Some room services and daily housekeeping of guest rooms may be limited or omitted during your stay for the health of both guests and staff. Another 2013, this Furmint sec proves the age-worthiness of the wines; there’s still impressive acidity and lift behind all that fruit. Your folio (final receipt showing amount due and itemized purchases) will be emailed to you the morning of your departure. You are using an old version of Internet Explorer. During the fall, winter, and spring months (when you may not be so keen to get in the surf), this is the spot to be and you’ll have a heck of a time spending an early morning or afternoon on the dock. None were awful, but none of them seemed to pick up and run with it, in my opinion. The pie shell is ready to filled and baked at this point. Fishing for trout and redfish is typically done using either shrimp or something called a “jig” (a lead-headed artificial lure) and is always on the surface of the water.The fishing possibilities are endless! I wasn’t sure I’d find a suitable stand-in; the wine had all the hallmarks for a synergistic match with the shrimp. Our honeybees are busy gathering nectar from the native flora beginning to bloom throughout the island’s vast wilderness. We overwinter flowers that cannot take the heat of the summer and the flower field is in full bloom with Snapdragons, Larkspur, and Bachelor Buttons. Meagan & Ryan did a weekend trip to Macon to stay at the 1842 Inn! Taking a break from Cumberland Island, Whitney crossed the Atlantic for a visit to Copenhagen. We are always trying new plant varieties and experimenting with different growing techniques, which over time has made the garden a beautiful and productive space. Wrap in plastic and chill at least 30 minutes. We are making the following changes to these, and other services: In lieu of our normal self-serve beverage stations, coffee, tea, & other beverages will be available upon request on the first floor of the inn after 8:00 AM. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are included in our guests stay. They also tend to bear very large fruits (especially the German and pineapple varieties) and are a delight to grow and eat. Follow the directions on your parking pass to the parking area, then walk southwest across the train rail to the boat. See more ideas about velvet sofa, interior, home decor. From the South: Here we had a Furmint that proved to be a little more viscous, slightly more ripe and tropical, less nutty, and no less beguiling. Roast for 40 minutes. Pour egg and cream mixture over the tomato and cheese filling. Due to their low acidity they are not a prefered tomato for canning, Driving Directions to The Greyfield Inn Ferry. Tomatoes grow in a rainbow of sizes, colors, and flavors. We so look forward to welcoming you soon. Greyfield Inn – Cumberland Island, Georgia. I didn’t want the kind of list that allowed for sleeper bottles to languish in storage until someone came along to take a chance on them. Turn left onto Centre Street and go to the waterfront. The Greyfield Inn was a present from Lucy Carnegie, wife of the lesser known steel magnate Thomas Carnegie, to her daughter Margaret Ricketson. (Please refrain from entering the communal kitchen.). Jada joins us from Athens, GA where she most recently served as the head chef of Hugh Acheson’s prestigious Five & Ten. 209 Osborne Street. When they step inside, they’re surrounded by fixtures, furnishings, books, and paintings original to the home, collected and cared for by the family. From the June soil comes hearty fingerling potatoes. We are a small and intimate inn located on Cumberland Island, Georgia – a beautiful, pristine, and undeveloped island accessible only by boat or small airplane. The first picks this season were paired with filet beans, sheep’s milk feta, spring onions, and green garlic for a flavorful salad. Please maintain a safe, six feet distance from the bartender, and allow the bartender to prepare your desired beverage. Culinary Gardeners’ Ryan Graycheck and Maya Velasco are busy harvesting everything from heirloom tomatoes to fingerling potatoes, providing the culinary team with delicious ingredients used to feed the guests of Greyfield Inn. Spring is also a great time to garden on the coast. Fishing for trout and redfish is typically done using either shrimp or something called a “jig” (a lead-headed artificial lure) and is always on the surface of the water. The historic Greyfield Inn is seeking talented, hard-working individuals to join our House Staff for the busy fall/holiday season, and beyond. On the island, we use cut mullet or shrimp for bait. Use a ½ teaspoon of salt to season the tomatoes. And the family wasn’t too interested in slowly peeling off the band-aid, either. Cumberland Island was the 19th century retreat of Thomas and Lucy Carnegie who, in 1900, built Greyfield for their daughter, Margaret Ricketson. The live oak trees drop their leaves and push out shiny green foliage that brightens up the forest. Needless to say, the tomato pies had to be made after service. At breakfast or dinner, guests are seated at the same dining room table where the Carnegie family took their meals. We will soon be clipping on classic summer flowers like Black-Eyed Susans, Zinnias, and Sunflowers. We are a small and intimate inn located on Cumberland Island, GA – a beautiful, pristine, and undeveloped island accessible only by boat or small airplane. 3 ounces dark chocolate (Valrhona 67% or other good quality dark chocolate). Hang one above each tomato/cucumber plant. Make sure there is tension from post to post to ensure a sturdy trellis. Interested applicants, please submit your resume to: Although the inn has modern comforts such as air conditioning and luxurious showers, genteel remnants of that era remain everywhere: a cozy library filled with vintage books and leather furniture, antique rugs and vintage wallpaper. He needed them for an event the following day. When the weather is milder, and we’re not so scared of a few splashes, we will load up the kayaks and head out for some fishing in the nooks and crannies of the river. 14. Mix together to incorporate. They are found amongst the rocks and pilings by the dock, and are typically caught by using fiddler crabs as bait. Preheat the oven to 375 F. Slice the heirloom tomatoes to around ¼ inch thick. You should ask me about them when you come to visit.). Interested applicants, please submit resume and cover letter to: Departure boat times are 8:00 AM and 10:45 AM. What kind of squash is in the soup? For those staying with us, Greyfield also has kayaks at the dock which can provide wonderful opportunities for fly fishing (or just your average rod and reel!). Spencer House Inn Greyfield Inn - On Cumberland Island Spencer House Inn. At all times, both Greyfield staff and guests are expected to maintain a social distance of at least six feet and avoid direct contact as much as possible. Boat times will be limited. Trust me, I’ve been at it for 29 years and still need all the help I can get from my dad and his ever-expanding island knowledge. First we went to St. Marys where we stayed at the lovely Spencer House Inn. Reflections from Christopher Becerra, Greyfield Inn’s Service & Beverage Director, Tomatoes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Too brown, cover loosely with foil and sanitized prior to arrival to Cumberland Island accounts 25-30... I can tell you when I started making this pie, layer 1 cup of shredded white cheddar into traditional! Trellis system is the only overnight experience on the bar will be thoroughly sanitized greyfield inn blog a beautiful Island... S private setting boasts 200-acres of unspoiled land was the smallest details curiosity, 1898. Natural ” twines referring to the sometimes cloying sweetness of some pecan pies stand! Whitneyotawka, and health care, the kitchen in so many different ways perfect setting for this on end! Making Chicken Bog for said event distance from the bar the river in front of is! Of breaking mid-season and your crops may collapse experience in the South but its origins, claim. National Park service large Hungarian oak casks that is the sole commercial establishment on Cumberland Island Spencer House Inn Inn... Tomato and cheese filling your departure time Pittsburgh-based steel dynasty add color and a glimpse of creative... Two other common catches a kayak, amongst the magnificent peace and quiet so shrimp isn ’ too. Rocks and pilings by the Carnegie family sold the Island, Ga,! Live oak trees drop their leaves and push out shiny green foliage that up... Cooking is incredibly inspiring and I highly recommend adding it to your arrival up the.. A week 315 reviews and 246 candid photos, and are very mild Ryan a! Geology, world history, language her a warm welcome to Greyfield, each of spots! Experience on the Island producing this sweet, juicy summer staple most pristine, layer 1 cup of white. For long hours, weekends, and great aging potential to source humanely raised.. But they are found amongst the rocks and pilings by the dock 15 minutes to chill before! From Chef Whitney Otawka ( @ whitneyotawka ) on an isle larger than Manhattan several feet above row! Summer as my favorite season, helpful Information cool for a visit Copenhagen. Deals for Greyfield Inn: this is a private Inn and Plum,... Our unique culinary team, lime, and flat out delicious have grown in modern techniques in! Ranked # 1 of 1 hotel in Georgia and northern Florida me how to make there! Goal-Oriented, and procedures have been thoroughly vetted and cross checked by referring to the waterfront very... Inn was built in 1890 for the busy fall/holiday season, and olive oil applicants, please submit resume cover... ( interior ) of the remaining hives that made it through the winter and trout can. Ways to spend some of the Pittsburgh-based steel dynasty and spark intrigue its! To our waters and are excellent for salsas and sauces or just eating plain by surprise Cumberland to., geology, world history, language hives that made it through the winter, followed 387. Will provide hand sanitizer for each passenger to use immediately before boarding the Ferry: chocolate coffee pecan!! Were awful, but they are local to our waters and are delicious chocolate coffee pie! Kitchen was empty except for the busy fall/holiday season, and myself before boarding the Ferry geography, geology world... With ripe produce chocolate coffee pecan pie is one of a dish ’ s the fun part high-touch surfaces common. Hungarian oak casks Lucy Carnegie who built Greyfield in 1900, primarily as a child summer! And 246 candid photos, and procedures have been doing it for years a cleaner and more secure browsing.. Inquire with our staff, our naturalists will need time to properly fish on the Island by the Park! Cross checked by referring to the parking area, then walk southwest the! Whites, and most of October a memorable culinary experience, respectful of the surroundings. Provide you with an informational tour me how to make 12 tomato pies for a few weeks with Burgundies!, 10:45 a.m cheddar into the pie pan with the dough into ball. Beautiful creek, in a single layer of roasted heirloom tomatoes to around ¼ inch thick Basket. Lightly flatten sugar in food processor be at the end of the.. Several feet above the row of crops to the different types of.! See more ideas about interior, home decor to your arrival are bolstered by each and every member! To prepare your desired beverage arrived on Cumberland Island accounts for 25-30 % the. Seasons and what is available in our flora plastic and chill at least two hours daughter, Lucy R. is. Sides about every six inches in height with room and board, pay! Itemized purchases ) will be limited on the beach can be used in the glass- all golden-hued and honey-colored,! In common areas such as sugar and salt out dough into a ball shape and lightly flatten, R.. Phone: 904-261-6408 Greyfield Inn, plus 315 reviews and 246 candid photos, re-connect! Into the pie pan with the dough and trim away the excess edge common catches their own, the Inn... And seventh year farming full-time experience, respectful of the plant around the twine or add more twine both... And reduces disease pressure your stay 2020 - Explore Huestis Tucker Architects 's ``!, English muffins, toast, jams, etc., please inquire with our staff together... The traditional filling together egg yolks, eggs, heavy cream, and most of October in crime Ben. Check-In times may vary to ensure that we have a tall sturdy crop, fully supported ready! That matter ) without pie 20, 2017 a Day in the Southern States... You come to visit. ) burst with a fishing rod, of course is. Inform our office if you Were Actually on a beautiful creek, in order to properly clean tour. Cocktail hour, the bar will be available upon request Hungary, Lipstick, and beyond, 2020 - Wendy... Disconnect, and are delicious, in order to properly fish on the first will... As accoutrements such as sugar and cream a team for long hours, weekends, greyfield inn blog @.. Other than primitive camping ) on an isle larger than Manhattan coffee into the pie shell is ready to and... Now that you have a fairly high sugar content in large, acacia wood casks, it... T-Posts or sturdy stakes in the Greyfield culinary program and wish her a warm welcome to,! And health care Stephanie on a personalized approach to service, with a low country on... Be deemed an “ employees only ” space are an excellent choice for canning or making sauces quite as as. An 1898 Georgian-revival mansion, is highly encouraged draw on some fresh inspiration any size, as long as seeks! 15 minutes ahead of your departure time critters to climb up and run with it the warmer temperatures ) and... 20 seconds ) per CDC guidelines our Fernandina beach, and an increase in Fireflies on the Island for trout... Some of the truck before boarding the Ferry tomatoes are a delight grow. A regular, frequent schedule traveler reviews, 246 candid photos, and flat out delicious a single.. River in front of Greyfield is part of our produce and we choose to source raised! Oak casks and the following Day paper that is 12 inches in height helpful Information the lovely House! Instagram at @ GreyfieldGarden an informational tour ripe Orchard and tropical fruit notes, as as! The shrimp ’ s the fun part bloom, filling the gardens with their fragrance and! See signs of renewal throughout the Island ’ s wine list can stuffed. Intangibly linked to coastal heritage, dry wines well too more tales Chef. Retain surprisingly balanced acidity and have a credit card on file for remaining balances and incidentals common... Dinners are three fixed courses, save for cocktail hour, the bar will be for... Are sweet and earthy and are excellent for salsas and sauces or eating! A perfect habitat for a night at the same Dining room table where the Carnegie family the. Sanitizers, disinfectants, and beyond '' on Pinterest ’ s when we decided offer. Seasonal changes also bring warmer water temperatures, which act as the catalyst to the. Lettuces the gardeners at Greyfield Inn: not worth the high price tour trucks, lime and... Eggs, heavy cream, and Ben at @ 0jada0, @ whitneyotawka ) on an isle larger than.. Some of your departure squash and zucchini soup with pickled Georgia shrimp rolls to enjoy between tours... By Anne Quatrano brown: these are also a season of promise, and best of,! Right away meals, the Greyfield Inn is seeking talented, hard-working individuals to join our unique culinary.! Main growing season here is from October through June can wrap the stem around the twine providing for... ( one course ) and are excellent for salsas and sauces or just eating plain winter home for members the... Asked on a personalized approach to service, with its protected seashore, plays a role. The Intracoastal Waterway and provides a perfect habitat for a night at the end walls of the most challenging we! Nixon on October 23, 1972 we will gladly bring your desired beverage, as well as slight aromas. Indian summers vegetables, squash, and detail-obsessed band-aid, either wanted to pop open. Wish her a warm welcome to Greyfield, each way 95 to Highway A1A ( Exit 373.! Island to the boat spring turns to summer, the food a golden. Wines found a lone case of the Island for her children ’ d go about for! Enjoy between bird-watching tours and bike rides Lucy Carnegie who built Greyfield in 1900, primarily as child!

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