Our self-directed, fully distance certificate program gives you flexibility to work at your own pace and get the results you want to advance your career. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of the rules and regulations governing Low Energy electrical work. Please send an email to itshelp@selkirk.ca. All high school levels are available. For over 20 years, Selkirk College’s Digital Arts program has supported students wanting to excel in an industry demanding exceptional work ethic and creative excellence. For students coming into the CYC diploma program from EACSW or ECCE certificate program, English 111 is a requirement. Courses. Applications for courses commencing from August 2021 are now open. Discover what Selkirk College has to offer. Anthropology is such a broad discipline, that it also has a broad appeal. Consult your faculty advisor to develop your course schedule. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Students requiring first-year physics have a choice of Physics 103 or Physics 105. In this course, an experienced Project Management Professional will help you master the essentials of project management. Topics covered include: communication, career exploration, study skills, time & stress management, interpersonal/personal skills, living skills, job preparation, educational planning, diversity and critical thinking. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? Students requiring second-year Psychology have a choice of PSYCH 230/231 or the PSYC 240/241 sequence. Selkirk College is B.C. Selkirk offers various courses in Academic Upgrading and Development, Lifespan Autism Training, Business, Environment and Geomatics, Health, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Services, Industry, and Trades Training, Peace and Justice Studies, and University Arts and Sciences. ?s oldest rural community college and came to life after the regional taxpayers voted in a 1965 referendum to provide a close-to-home post-secondary opportunity. All of these courses include expert instructors, many of whom are internationally known authors. You will not be registered in any of the selected courses until you complet All high school levels are available. If you find humans curious, if you enjoy travelling or hope to travel, and most importantly, if you have ever wondered "why", anthropology is for you. Selkirk College offers and accepts various financial aids. Our classrooms are supportive and respectful, and our instructors are committed to your success. Selkirk College is B.C. 3 Credit elective course. A student may take any Selkirk course from the following disciplines: A student may take any second-year or higher university transferable course to satisfy this elective. ?s oldest rural community college and came to life after the regional taxpayers voted in a 1965 referendum to provide a close-to-home post-secondary opportunity. The basic process for admission is the same for all the courses. COOP - Cooperative Course; CPRJ - Community Project Skills; CPSC - Computer Science; CPST - Computer Studies; CULM - Culinary Management; CWRT - Creative Writing; DFAB - Digital … New students meet with an instructor at a campus near them to discuss their goals. Academic Calendar 2021-2022 > Courses. HSER Psychology Requirement: either PSYC 101 or PSYC 240 based on first-year program. Students requiring first-year physics have a choice of Physics 102 or Physics 104. Divided into 10 lessons and 10 assignments our BC Electrical Code course offers you access to tutorial help. Some university degree programs may not accept astronomy and/or physical geography as a lab science. Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management. Business courses. Either TWC 164: Business Communications I or ENGL 110: College Composition are required to graduate. The 112/114 sequence is focused on the interpretation of literature. Please consult a Selkirk College counsellor. During the fall semester of Year 2 students enrol in a minimum of four electives. You can get started on your biology major and work towards your bachelor of nursing, medicine, physical education and more. Our graduates become creative directors, graphic designers, filmmakers, animators and motion graphic artists. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); Students can choose from the math 100/101 calculus sequence or the math 180/181 sequence. Selkirk College Programs. This course helps students to succeed by developing a set of core skills to help them meet their personal, career, and educational goals. This course is based on a service business organized as a sole proprietorship. Tuition and Enrolment Certificates (formerly the T2202A tax form), Budgeting and Student Financial Resources, Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre (SGRC), Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute (RDI), SME Applied Research & Technology Solutions, Advanced Interprofessional Diploma in Gerontology. In a career or college preparatory program, it is the enrolment in the complete curriculum specified. You’ll get one-on-one attention from our skilled instructors and learn in our state-of-the-art biology teaching lab. })(); Typically, TWC 164 is the preferred course to take. A student may take any one of the Canadian content courses listed here. Typically, TWC 164 is the preferred course to take. Recognized worldwide. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); //-->. You’ll learn the basics of ornamental metal art design and creation to put you on the road to success in the professional marketplace. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of the rules and regulations governing Canadian electrical work, installation and the calculations you’ll need. Duration: 1 Years. Surrounded by nature, Selkirk College is located in the beautiful Kootenay region. Explore. Students may take any second-year UAS Arts elective (Humanities or Social Sciences) excluding your major discipline. Students may take any first- or second-year UAS Science course. (function() { Selkirk College offers Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Associate Degrees, University Transfers and post-graduate diplomas to international students in over … Access at Selkirk College means an educational experience should be attainable to all, regardless of who or where they are or what challenges they face. Use the menus on the left to view the range and type of courses that are on offer from Borders College. Oct-12 Thanksgiving Day, college closed ; Oct-31 Selkirk College Bursary Application Closes ; November 2020 . Jump start your life with Academic Upgrading. Study in class and apply your knowledge in labs, as you learn about subjects including cell biology, genetics and biochemistry. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 1st Year Tuition Fees. Improve subject understanding, study skills and complete prerequisite courses such as biology, chemistry, English, math and physics along with college success, computer sciences and social studies. A 200-level university transfer Arts elective chosen in consultation with a Selkirk College counsellor. Arts & Culture; Business, Finance & Leadership; Cannabis Training; Children & Youth; Computer & Digital Technology; First Aid; Gardening; Health & Wellness; Hospitality & Tourism; Industry & Trades; Languages; Learning in Retirement; Mir Centre for Peace; Online Learning; Recreation & Leisure; Safety Training; SPECTRUM: Lifespan Autism Training; Wildfire Fighter … 11,615 students, 352 full-time equivalent employees and 8 locations throughout the Kootenays. _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-283854-1']); The college has grown to become a major economic, social and cultural contributor. //-->. [CDATA[// >