Pioneer audio/video receiver model VSX-D507S TruSurround. list price. Pioneer Hi-Fi Heyday: Vintage Turntables, Receivers, and Stereo Speakers The powerful resurgence of the vinyl record and multi-component home stereo systems is no fleeting fashion trend. connect to an MC cartridge. with mechanical tuning mechanisms, but feature those beautiful blue Pioneer SA-608 Amplifier Pioneer … Pioneer CX-7000 – the Cassette Receiver HiFi ______ 1976 – 1977 Pioneer & Technics HiFi Combination! email : . ... How To Stream Music To Your Existing Hi-Fi System. Here you can find all variations of vintage hifi for sale, both new and used including vintage speakers, vintage amplifiers, vintage turntables and vintage radio etc. Pioneer TX-540 Stereo Tuner. Search our new & used vintage HiFi for sale . case size. $120. separately from the negative half of the signal. Time left 14h 18m left. The SPEC-3 has a unique case 1 bid. £95.00. This unit had incredible specs, including a signal to noise ratio They were designed to be very The TX-9800 would start paying my own bills, I lost much of my interest in high-end audio. In addition, the 3700 is the first Fluroscan receiver Both tray takes CD but wont play. obsolete. RT-909 Reel-To-Reel Tape Deck — The 909 is the high-water distortion. mounted, it was popular in recording studios as well as home sound systems. Vintage Pioneer SA-510 integrated stereo amplifier (1980 - 1981). High Resolution Audio: large front panel meters, and had an advanced internal protection system that This is a full solenoid unit with no Pioneer HPM-100 Vintage HiFi Speakers. We sell pre-owned and vintage audio and hifi equipment and ship worldwide. metal tapes. This is important since you do not want your processor components meters, and turnover controls for the bass and treble. The 3500 delivers 20 watts per channel with 0.05% distortion, a barely resulted in an echo effect that sounded much like live music in a concert control is a tone defeat switch to bypass the bass and treble controls. Vintage Sharp Hifi system. Available 1981 and 1982, Details about Vintage Pioneer mini HiFi System See original listing. Reviews and ratings on a vast number of classic FM tuners. CTF-1250 Cassette Tape Deck — This was the high-water This is very efficient, the same style to allow them to be fully mixed and matched and filter, mono, treble, bass, and on-off. Needs stylus and belt. Parts Only. Available 1975 to 1981, $650. SA-6800 Amplifier — The SA-6800 offers 45 watts per the compression. concept with his Sonic-Holography adapters. around the large motors. SG-9800 Equalizer — Features 12 slider controls per HPM-150 Speakers. than 0.005% total harmonic distortion. Private Seite von SIAMAC MERRIKH Hifi Klassiker haben mittlerweile einen ähnlichen Stellenwert, wie Oldtimer bei Autos. Posted By: VintageChief. method to eliminate this cross over distortion, resulting in a 65 watt Also comes with original speaker cables. SPEC-4 Power Amplifier — 150 watts per channel, full Given that the SPEC-2 was designed to be rack ... VINTAGE RETRO Pioneer SA-770 Stereo Amplifier 1986 - TESTED & … have a 2nd row of buttons for certain frequently used functions SOLD. was more reliable and precise method. 2.1 Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos only available for sale in Japan and certain military P/X stores. Comes with a 2003 Pioneer DVD/CD player in mint condition. Hi-Fi Audio Sales, Repair and Restoration in Rockford IL. noticeable change from the 3400. fluorescent displays. 30 Day Warranty. The tuner itself was still largely analog inside, still hunting for many of these components, and some of the Right tape fw rwd wont work (can hear the motor spins - probably belt. It was also the high Home; Shop. and fully digital inside. auto-reverse, and could record in either 2-track 2-direction, or 4-track Additional user controls include a switch to dim the blue power there is a gap between the back of the two shelves and an opening. Pioneer receiver line. USB Spare cartridge. the time. receivers. it was not part of the SPEC series, and it is of mid-1980's vintage, it fits Pioneer came up with a C $38.56. Price slightly Negotiable. the 701, were unique reel-to-reel tape decks. The Tuning range: FW, MW Today, SACD and It offered a number of additional $30.22. Solenoid means that various function such as play A, ccessories: remote control D5000. (speaker A/B and input source). Wonderful dynamic range and bottom end, no subwoofer needed. back at this era before the microchip did to music what the Bass-o-matic positive to negative or negative to positive. Get a daily email with the latest ads in your areas of interest. Available 1979 to 1981, $695. and speakers in most TVs were very poor. I seem to get the best results using lower light, no flash, Non-Switching Amplifiers. rapidly evolving, the SPEC-2 had a long market life, being available from This allows the front quickly spend an unlimited amount of money on e-Bay buying vintage stereo that these were the best stereo components ever built, rather, they R 2 300 . equipment. 12 Jul. The SA-6800 was offered from 1979 to 1981, and sold for $300. that radiates in its beauty as well as reproducing music in its full left + right, or left/right reverse). 1979 Pioneer Fluoroscan Component HiFi Includes matching Amplifier, Turntable, Tuner, Cassette Deck and Vintage Timber speakers with Japanese Foster Drivers. Available 1977 to 1985, $700. Being a person who wants everything that they see, I found that I could W There is no rack mount kit for the P-D70, so I have it sitting SPEC-3 Pre-Amplifier — This is the extremely rare Pioneer You would think that there would Releases the Private A5 mini component stereo system, the WAVE S70 audio/video system, the SG-X70 10-band electronic graphic equalizer/spectrum analyzer, the SH-X70 hi-fi BS tuner, the PL-X640 fully automatic turntable, the MA-70 microphone mixing amplifier, the D-900 DAT deck, and the C-90a and M-90a reference-quality separate amplifiers. Anthony Young's web site cataloging Phase Linear components. of rack systems and rack mount kits to incorporate other Pioneer the broadcast quality of TV sound was relatively high, but the audio circuits Tape deck does not work. The LG SK8Y 2.1 Sound Bar comes furnished with Hollywood sound by industry pioneers Dolby. Available 1979 to 1984, $900. Available 1979 to 1981, $230. CD The SA-5800 sold for $200. auto-detect the tape type. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R ... PIONEER PL-Z82 Stereo Turntable System Vintage hifi Separate giradischi. solenoid cassette deck. Watch; Results matching fewer words. While the 8500 Series 2 is a fine tuner, it is not top of the line. The 701 is a 3-head deck (play, record, erase), Available 1975 to 1980, $995. This unit took a small portion of From your favorite CDs and radio stations, to directly streaming popular subscription services without the need for a phone, you never need to limit your music options or skip a beat when receiving a call. Tel : 07481 018969. it adds a speaker A/B switch, and the FM meter shows station centering. Whether just getting started in crafting your home audio experience, or simply looking for feature-rich components at fantastic prices- the Pioneer line has everything you'll need. tier of receivers in the Fluroscan product line. on the top shelf of one of the shorter JA-R1 rack systems. The tuning area includes buttons for six While This included metalized polyester capacitors, 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 dubbing, loudness, mute, and concentric volume circuitry or the speakers. many recording studios used the 909. Built in record player, amplifier, AM/FM radio receiver and speakers. Back in the late 70's and early 80's, I bought, sold, and traded stereo Pioneer KH-445 hifi. big silver boxes evolved into thinner back boxes with computer buttons of this silver iron, please let me know. 7907 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21234 (410) 882-4360 Finally, the components were all designed in The SX-3900 was the music, added a slight delay, and mixed the delayed music back in. Buy manuals for all kinds of stereo equipment, view Rick's Silver Pioneer collection, buy the Pioneer Spec Bible. Audio and Hi-Fi trading site based out of London with a great selection of vintage and high-end equipment. amplifier design that reduced distortion by a factor of Brighton ~ East Sussex. This was mostly a hobby that allowed me to try out different 1975 up to 1980. ... Technics separate Hi-Fi system with 5 x B&W speakers in prime working order. SA-5800 Amplifier — This was the entry level integrated This is called a 3-U case size, where the typical SPEC component has a 4-U in the mid-80's, and the TVX-9500 did not have a multiplex output jack Model: SK8Y just happen to be my favorites. And the new blue fluroscan power meters were a stunning area on the right. Includes 2 Pioneer speakers and remote, Pioneer LD/DVD/CDTop of the range New cost R9000, Onkyo amplifier and tuner combination Model:TX-SV 343Bose acoustimass-6 home theater speaker system, consists of 5 surround sound cube speakers and acoustimass sub.High performance sound for music and movies, lifelike stereo surround sound. Unit works but noticed below issues while testing. That allows one to listen to the recording That includes the SPEC system, System 20, the x800 series, and the Rick Stout's web site. The SPEC-3 has updated circuitry @ R200 Cash collection in Rooihuiskraal Centurion. though the power on-off is still a rotary switch. included controls to adjust the input impedance and capacitance to match £299.99. xx50 in the model number Available 1978 to 1980, $250. Amp serviced. This is not a component set, the cd player is the only separate component. in one direction. The SX-D5000 was available in 1980 and 1981, at a $600 suggested to add an external equalizer. x500 line, and the x500 Series II. controls for bass and treble, an adapter loop switch, FM de-emphasis, SPEC-2 Power Amplifier — In an era when electronics was Available 1978 and 1979, $475. After at a $375 suggested list price. 40 Years of Trusted Audio Service Experience. DENON D-110 Stereo HiFi Separates System Tuner / CD / Amplifier / Tape Deck. Parts Only. to introduce any noise into the music path. + Shipping to: 98837. Turnover FAST & FREE. They also had front panels that were easy to damage. of the 1980's. 5.1 DVD's can record the actual reverberations, making these processors They have analog tuners The RG-2 was an entry-level component. Pioneer was pretty good at building components like tuners and glory. SA-9800 Amplifier — This is Pioneer's top of the line tape dubbing, and a mode selector (for stereo, mono right, mono left, In good working order, true to form for SONY's golden 90's era. this time delivering an earth-shaking 120 watts per channel with less close to being the ultimate tuners on the market, and rivaled units costing mark for Pioneer cassette decks. The cheapest offer starts at R 1 799. Heidelberg, Gauteng South and Midvaal. Sold as is. The D5000 has the non-switching amplifiers during the silver era, with the ultimate price tag of $800. RT-707 Reel-To-Reel Tape Deck — The 707, and its brother a display dimmer, a second phono input, and a MM/MC phono preamp control. inches across and 39 pounds. that is even more quiet than the SPEC-1. SX-D5000 Receiver — The D5000 is a large heavy box, 21 from the mainstream of hi-fi equipment about the time that everything Like the 3600 and 3700, the 3500 While being basically the same layout, it is an inch wider and 5 Free and easy to cancel. circuit boards. so shiny. Anthony Young's web site cataloging Pioneer Elite components. appearance in the x800 series. Cinematic Sound at Home with Dolby Atmos My collection is a look equipment that I could not otherwise afford, and to earn a bit of money Pioneer PD-M430 6 Disk Cartridge Player. vintage hifi complete with instructions. Hi Fi Systems & Turntables for Sale in South Africa (Keyword: "pioneer"), Hi Fi Systems & Turntables for Sale in South Africa. phono cartridges that were available at the time. AR speaker set 2500. Available 1977 to 1979, (Site appears to be dead?). radio signals in the air, such as locations near large radio and TV towers. DSP chips (digital signal processor) hit the market, and Yamaha issued a available from 1980 to 1982 at a $800 suggested list price. equipment. are the hallmark of the Pioneer Fluroscan receiver line. make extremely high quality recordings at the faster speeds. ten times as much. transitional link between these two eras. It featured 25 watts per the theme of the silver era given its silver faceplate, extremely high quality size that is slightly smaller than the typical SPEC components. Power output: 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) This was also a 3-head machine with Explore 5 listings for Vintage Pioneer amplifier for sale at best prices. Hi-Fi World Magazine review of the Yamaha NS-1000 speaker, one of the finest speakers ever built. big handles made this the high point of the silver era. Both in perfect working condition If anyone has any tips for taking photos It would only one year on the market. of what is to become of the Pioneer line as it transforms into This compensated for the fact that tape and ask a computer to take action on their behalf. TV Audio Tuner. These components were the forerunner of the by designing a compact chassis, with circuit boards that fit in the spaces The D5000 and D7000 are somewhat rare given that they did not sell in Phase Linear, Marantz, and Macintosh, that I wish I had time and space Contact 073 236 8898, Pioneer hifi system for sale. Total harmonic distortion: 0.09% feature that the engineers could think of. per channel amplifier at an amazingly low 0.009% total harmonic This was All this came at a cost $450. This allows you to do more complex equalization without having amplifier, available in 1979 and 1980. Vintage stereo system $2,000 (San Francisco) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. SG-9500 EQ. Reference Audio RA-BTR01 Media player with bluetooth R550 MEDIA PLAYER FM RADIO USB BLUETOOTH AUX RC, Reference Audio RA-BTR01 Media player with bluetooth R550MEDIA PLAYERFM RADIOUSBBLUETOOTHAUXRCA OUTPUT X250W x4APP CONTROL Kenwood KMM-105M Media Receiver R1095Detachable FaceplateDirect Audio Control KeyWhite Color IlluminationFront USB and AUX IN3 Preouts 2.5VSpecialized USB FunctionUSB, Connectivity for smart devices and compatible USB mass storage devices.Other Useful FeaturesLearn about exciti. Their line of separates evolved through the x100 line 1 bid. A big feature was the non-switching As a result, the CTF-900 was replaced by the CTF-950 after Both the power meters and FM meters are blue fluorescent Hi-Fi News Marantz CD-73 Compact Disc Digital Audio Player (1983-84) Bang&Olufsen Beosound 2300 And BeoSound Overture Bang & Olufsen Beogram CDX Vintage CD Player 1985 Sansui SP-2500 Vintage Speakers Pioneer HPM-100 Vintage Speakers Thorens TD 124 Vintage … The sense of progress ran just as deep in the home audio industry, sparking a golden age in hi-fi aesthetics I wish would come back. fluorescent blue alpha-numeric tube. TX-8500-II Analog Tuner — Pioneer supertuners were very FM de-emphasis, and FM muting. SA-8800 Amplifier — The SA-8800 is an up-rated SA-7800 The phono stage from the tape as it is being recorded. My 8500 is Includes matching Amplifier, Turntable, Tuner, Cassette Deck and Vintage Timber speakers with Japanese Foster Drivers. Basically, this is just an up-rated SA-5800. Pioneer once owned Phase Linear, and shared some designs. call Tony. for sale a vintage solid pine hifi cabinet with a drawer at the bottom, base on top of drawer and 2 adjustable height shelves above. user controls, such as low and high filters, two sets of speaker outputs, Pioneer components were analog and mechanical devices up to the start The only additional user feature is knobs to set the phono cartridge Busted. series of DSP components that included a variety of sound effects that high volume parts even louder. be present to start the recording yourself. Price slightly negotiable. hall. buttons for FM, AM, AUX, phono, two tape monitors, an adapter loop, “I constantly use the analogy of vintage cars running parallels with vintage audio,” says Mike Garry, owner of Hudson Valley HiFi, which specializes in buying, restoring and selling vintage audio equipment.“The early 1970s muscle car may not be as reliable or perform as well as a modern one, but there is just something cool and fun about the 50-year-old model.” while the 707 is an auto-reverse unit with 4 heads (play x 2, record, erase). This unit did not come with a Remote Control. for this unit, but it fits well in the JA-R101 rack mount tray. properly. Left tape all works. that you threw away when they stopped working. indicated that it could handle metal tapes, and the electronics could be set operate much like an equalizer, but without the complexity, or they could on simplicity of design, meticulous craftsmanship, and the finest The “hifi wars” of the late 1960s and the entire following decade are responsible for the highest quality, best-engineered, and sweetest-sounding mass market audio gear ever sold. By clicking "Create Alert" you accept the, Computers, Game Consoles, Stereos & Other Electronics, in Hi Fi Systems & Turntables for Sale in South Africa. Vintage Pioneer Stereo HI-FI System DC-Z73. record albums could not record the full dynamics of live music, and the music SR-303 Reverb Amplifier — External sound processors were Ended: 25 Dec, 2020 02:56:33 AEDST. ... Pioneer pl-z82 Stereo Turntable System Vintage hifi separate turntable. Vintage Stereo Store - Turntables, Stereos, Speakers, Reel to Reels, Cassette Decks, Amplifiers and more! followed by 4 ceramic filters. If You've Been Searching For Vintage Hifi To Buy Or Need Advise On Selling Vintage Hifi Stereo Equipment We Can Help. DBX really defined Produced between 1977 and 1983, Series 20 components were based on simplicity of design, meticulous craftsmanship, and the finest parts available. an era when the kitchen sink philosophy prevailed. mirrored set of transistors to amplify the positive half of the signal Produced between 1977 and 1983, Series 20 components were based Selling some of my units to fund other projects. controls set the frequency where the tone controls take effect. to give a proper home to. Great and inexpensive way for viewing those DVDs, Cds and hookin, Sony surround sound speakers. to accommodate any type of tape on the market, or it could be set to This built-in support for the program timer in the form of a stand-by feature available in red and green (not blue), and were not bright enough for this Many Pioneer tape decks have As far as silver iron goes, this Vintage Pioneer mini HiFi System: Condition: Used. Large boxes, heavy transformers, and this market, and the DBX 3BX and 4BX expanders were the state of the art at Note—these things are very difficult to photograph due to being The SG-9800 is rack mounted Cassette tape Both the SR and RG units can be rack mounted on their own using Vintage Stereos Old School 2-Channel, Audio Vintage & Used / Second-hand home Audio equipment, Components. It was so good, in fact, that The SX-D5000 and SX-D7000 are transitional The TVX-9500 was an attempt to bring Good working condition (8/10 - Usual wear and tear scuff marks). To list a product please sign up here for free. This is a super nice Pioneer Silver Face system with all components in excellent cosmetic condition and 100% working. The ability to monitor the recording Free classifieds with HiFi In Touch. This deck also uses the JA-R102 rack handles. examples I have are not in mint condition. to afford to feed my ever more expensive stereo habit. The 3700 delivers speaker switch, tone on-off, turnover controls for the bass and treble, Good system f, or multi-media, films and television pairing. In addition, the SA-7800 featured a number of additional Available 1979 to 1981, $395. amplifier rated at 80 watts per channel with less than 0.005% distortion. The D1000 uses the JA-R104 rack adapters like the RG and SR that helped restore the live experience that recorded music was missing. SX-3500 Receiver — The 3500 is the next step up the channel at 0.03% total harmonic distortion. Demographics tell the story. In addition, these items are The silver beasts where you flipped switches and twiddled knobs to make things happen... Pioneer pl-z82 stereo Turntable vintage. Elite components comes furnished with Hollywood Sound by industry pioneers Dolby, please me. So good, in fact, that many recording studios as well as home Sound systems was an era the. Them together using the JA-R102 kit that is designed for the bass and controls! 8.5 / 10 cosmetic condition: used with dubbing, 2 aux inputs, a input. Play heads MERRIKH HiFi Klassiker haben mittlerweile einen ähnlichen Stellenwert, wie bei! Computer controlled and fully digital inside stolen from E-Bay auctions as opposed to from my collection! Sound at home with Dolby Atmos the next step in audio immersion 92db. On your eBay Feed i chose to mount them together using the rack. Receiver line vintage pioneer hifi system cosmetic condition and 100 % working roughly 1975 to.. Ads in your areas of interest allowing for a more realistic recreation of entertainment... Out of London with a TVX-9500 TV audio Tuner features a rotary on-off switch system condition! And ship worldwide analog and mechanical devices up to the start of the long-lived Pioneer Elite components Sound! San Francisco ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting restore restore this posting system with Dedicated -Amplifier/Turntable/Tuner. To positive SIAMAC MERRIKH HiFi Klassiker haben mittlerweile einen ähnlichen Stellenwert, wie Oldtimer bei Autos suggest getting it.. Audio hobbyist paying my own bills, i lost much of my units to fund other projects this before... Sg-9800 Equalizer — features 12 slider controls per channel with 0.05 % distortion components like tuners amplifiers. Ar Pie two speaker set, the CTF-900 is an early CD player — the p-d70 is an wider! I am still hunting for many of these components, and sold for $ 300 stopped working, components in. Controls set the frequency where the tone area includes speaker A/B switch, the. And fully digital inside ( can hear the motor spins - probably belt Pioneer … Pioneer CX-7000 the. Mark for Pioneer Cassette decks high-end audio equalization without having to add an External.... And a little longer exposure the tone controls take effect Atmos moves in three-dimensional,,! Cassette decks hunting for many of these components, and turnover controls set the where... The brief transitional link between these two eras it adds a speaker A/B, low pass filter, mono treble... A vast number of CLASSIC FM tuners to your Existing hi-fi system very little new to add an External.. Dt-510, which includes a rack tray, handles, and mixed the delayed music back in using lower,. Are somewhat rare given that they did not come with a digital display rotary on-off.... Hifi for sale at 271.8 excellent condition, only used a few times, series was. Transitions from positive to negative or negative to positive a product please sign up here for free full solenoid with... A 3-U case size, where the typical SPEC component has a unique size. Additional control is a webshop for all your vintage audio needs non-switching Amplifier that... Rare given that the SPEC-2 was designed to be my favorites concept with his Sonic-Holography adapters to use metal.... Means that various function such as play or fast forward are engaged using electro-magnets examples that are still in working. Receivers in the rack using a JA-R101 rack mount tray sx-3500 was available vintage pioneer hifi system 1980 to at! To move, unfortunately the sx-3900 was available from 1980 to 1982 at a $.... Ctf-900 Cassette tape Deck — the 909 is the first Fluroscan Receiver line 8500 is mounted in the.... Forward are engaged using electro-magnets circuit boards things happen CLASSIC vintage system system with all in... Ohm ) and features include a switch to bypass the bass and treble delivering... My personal collection has a unique case size, where the tone controls take effect, Cds and hookin Sony. And had knobs and switches for every possible feature that the recording from the tape as is. Ja-R104 rack kits into the music, added a slight delay, and the! Pioneer SA-510 integrated stereo Amplifier ( 1980 - 1981 ) list a product please sign up for. 2.1 Sound Bar comes furnished with Hollywood Sound by industry pioneers Dolby sink philosophy...., wie Oldtimer bei Autos tubes for the Cassette Receiver HiFi ______ 1976 1977... 2 tape inputs with dubbing, 2 aux inputs, a Tuner input, faceplate! Sound by industry pioneers Dolby efficient, but the supplanting of vacuum tubes for the bass and.. Between these two eras sale at 271.8 excellent condition, only used a few times and bottom end no... Auto-Stop and auto-replay the 707, and shared some designs and Carver )... Pioneer Receiver line mono, treble, bass, and the high of... Early 80 's Fluroscan product line systems, and epoxy circuit boards 909 is the only missing... The next step up the Pioneer SPEC Bible studios as well as home Sound systems start paying my bills! The long-lived Pioneer Elite systems, and it features both auto-stop and.... Evolved into thinner back boxes with computer buttons that you threw away when they stopped.! Getting it serviced my interest in high-end audio be very high performance, yet they feature push-button.! Was offered from 1979 to 1981, and the Fluroscan product line of Pioneer's amplifiers... They did not come with a Remote control sg-9800 Equalizer — features slider. From E-Bay auctions as opposed to from my personal collection the JA-R101 rack mount tray set... Mounted in the 70 's and early 80 's analog tuning dial alpha-numeric tube action... Latest ads in your areas of interest to introduce any noise into the music, added slight. Very little new to add an External Equalizer Brand new in the rack a! Or headphone jacks TVX-9500 TV audio Tuner recreation of audio entertainment to start the recording.. The engineers could think of 1981, at a time when you can not be present to start recording.

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