However, upon Eros' pistols, he instead agreed to let them all go in exchange for them. Discover (and save!) [39] Shortly after this the League received a message that a superhero had entered Kahndaq which was against the law. Seeing no other option, Cale had formed a team called Godwatch, dedicated to locating Diana and Themyscira. 0. Circe was a princess of Colchis in the Caucasus region. The League journeyed deep into the mountain and encountered the queen. facilities, Diana expressed disapproval at Steve's secret Justice League. Zola revealed herself to be Athena and Zeke to be another iteration of Zeus himself. About. After the events of Doomsday Clock, it was revealed that Doctor Manhattan manipulated the timeline of the whole DC Multiverse, and one of the consequences of this manipulation was that Diana came to the world of men in a different era. Both had planned for Wonder Woman to fight the First Born and accept her destiny as a goddess. [14], After recruiting a newly mortal, but still very bitter Hera into her group of companions, Wonder Woman retreated to London. Back to the Justice League Dark headquarters, Diana and Zatanna started planning about a counterattack against the Otherkind. After restoring the Sphere, Diana lost all her magical power with Hecate defeated. Together, they found out their planet was now property of the Batman who Laughs, the new right hand of Perpetua. He lead them to Mount Etna, where the blacksmith agreed to arm them. Wonder Woman is bisexual; she does have an interest in people of the same gender, though not exclusively. The realization that he was loved unconditionally disgusted Hades so much that he sent them all away. Hera teleported Wonder Woman and her allies to Paradise Island. Diana then removed this memory from her mind due to the trauma, and came back to Earth with the other Leaguers. When Diana and Jason met, fir… Deciding against playing… So when this title was announced, it was extremely right up my alley. [84], After preventing a terrorist attack at a refugee camp in Greece, Wonder Woman returned to a government facility in the United States and was examined by a sickly doctor, Dr. Shannon Crawford. [2] The truth, though, was that Hippolyta had had an affair with Zeus, and Diana's real parentage was hidden in order to protect the Queen and her daughter from the wrath of Zeus' notoriously jealous wife Hera. [21], Suddenly, Zola and the others were attacked by Artemis, who was sent by Apollo to kill Zeke, Zola's son. Then, the Outsider used the box to open a path across universes, allowing the Crime Syndicate to enter the Justice Leagues' world. Another result of the undoing of the alterations was that Diana had fought alongside the JSA during World War II. While there, they were all attacked by Artemis and Apollo. The legendary Amazon though told Diana that freeing her would be a bad move: she should wait for the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall to ask for her freedom. It also allowed Jason to channel the power of any member of the Greek Pantheon, though he could only use one god's powers at a time. Following the plan of Starman, which was to retrieve two shards of the Totality lost in time to create a Justice Totality for the League to use, Diana travelled to the future together with Batman and Superman. The ring was a noose fashioned with the Lasso of Truth, and if Diana did not truly love him, he would kill her. CanadianPeaceMaker. Given the involvement of Atalanta, Wonder Woman also sought out the help of Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, as Atlanta was one of the founders of the rebel branch of the Amazons. [103] In her absence, Jason had united with the Justice League and fought the Dark Gods, who had plunged Earth into chaos. that Hercules' body came from an area containing traces of energy unique to Apokolips. Emma also had conflicts with her mother about her powers, who she already controlled at a very young age: her mother always told her they were the fruit of her imagination. Diana and Steve quickly overcame their forces and followed Veronica Cale and Cheetah to a gateway that led to Themyscira. In the third season of this fun action series based on Charles Moulton's comic book character, Lynda Carter continues her starring role as Wonder Woman, the strong and sexy Amazonian princess who has the strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Athena, the speed of Mercury and the beauty of Aphrodite. While tearing Olympus apart, the soul of Diana travelled through the Collective Unconscious, finding hospitality in the two dormant aspects of Hecate herself. That child could be either Diana or Zola's child. While Zola and the others escaped with Zeke, Wonder Woman took on Artemis by herself. [106] With the formation complete, the new Justice League Dark decided to head back to Salem to contact Doctor Fate, trying to find out if he knew something about why the whole system of magic was breaking apart. Soon she had the opportunity to do it, as Deadman informed everybody that Manitou Dawn, possessed by the witch-goddess, was tearing Nanda Parbat apart. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, Diana, an Amazonian warrior in training, leaves home to fight a war, discovering her full powers and true destiny. She hoped that he could lead them to Hephaestus, who might have been able to arm them appropriately for battle with the ruler of Hell. Having lost hope for a cure, Crawford injected herself with the sedative, killing her. You can help out by providing additional information, expanding on the subject matter in order to bring this article to a higher standard of quality. Diana was briefly reunited with her mother, for the first time since she left the island. Diana was born just before her brother, making her the oldest twin. [88] When she arrived, Revere informed her that in truth, he sought to use her DNA to create an army of super-soldiers. HQ, Jason returned wearing a suit of armor gifted to him by the gods, but with no knowledge of its purpose. [95] Silver Swan murdered a family of people that Diana had recently saved, causing Wonder Woman to fight her alongside Jason. Wonder Woman is the Amazonian princess Diana; the daughter of the Amazonian Queen Hippolyta and the Olympian god Zeus. Suddenly, Dr. Light lost control of his powers and began absorbing Superman's solar energy, unleashing an energy beam at Wonder Woman. [9] Afterwards, Hephaestus armed Diana with new weapons, insisting that she take Eros' guns of love with her to Hell. [13] However, she had expected Zeus to return as soon as his rule was threatened, which he did not. [131][132], After Dr. Manhattan undid the alterations he had done to the timeline, the Justice Society of America had been restored. At the same time, the Justice League had discovered strange environmental events that had destroyed small villages around the world, leaving only vegetation behind. With Wonder Woman arriving in pursuit, Strife warned of the prophecy Apollo and Artemis feared: a child of Zeus would kill a god to take the throne. [139] Thanks also to the fact that Max Lord did not side with Emma, Diana was able to defeat the girl, calling herself with the alias Liar Liar, taking her into custody. In the end, Manhattan re-established the correct timeline, making Wonder Woman part of the history of men's world since the verge of World War II. [78] Upon this realization, Diana suffered a mental breakdown.[79]. [47] Later, the Justice League intercepted the arrival of General Zod, another Kryptonian survivor. In Moscow, Wonder Woman of Earth-30 heard the same message. Following this, she continued her heroics and thus became a national icon as well as the world's first superhero. [40], Later, in London, Diana talked with Hessia about what being Queen really meant. The art is very evocative, and the concept (Wonder Woman in the post-apocalypse) is interesting. Recommended Reading. While Jason and Hippolyta fought off the transformed Amazons, Wonder Woman was able to defeat Darkseid through her love for her deceased father, Zeus and her half-siblings, calling their spirits out of Darkseid's body and destroying him from the inside. Using the wisdom of Athena, Jason developed a plan to convince the Dark Gods to retreat back to their reality. Wonder Woman was intrigued and decided to seek out Revere of her own accord and hear out his plans. [120], Meanwhile, Diana was sleeping in the Hall of Justice when she was contacted inside her dreams by Giovanni Zatara: he wanted to warn her about her pivotal role for the destiny of magic and also told her she should watch out for an enemy hiding in plain sight. [98], The final remaining relics Darkseid needed were being guarded by A.R.G.U.S. 2:24. When she was twelve, Diana witnessed a rite performed on Themyscira to honor the witch-goddess Hecate: while there, she remebered being marked on the forehead by the deity herself. Without knowing why she felt this dissonance, as she wasn't a practitioner of magic, Diana reached out to a friend who could know more: Zatanna Zatara. Wonder Woman was called by the Justice League to look for the survivors of another missing village. Still, no one understood anything about this new power Diana awakened, with the threat of the Otherkind not extinguished, but just delayed.[108]. [30], Wonder Woman managed to stabilize the plane when it was hit by the shockwave. Once awakened, Diana tried to reach Zatanna to find out what would she think about the experience she just had. 13 BLOOD PACK (INFINITE CRISIS) When Alexander Luthor’s plan to recreate the Multiverse and find the perfect Earth fails, he enacts his contingency plan to conquer New Earth. When all seemed lost, Diana got imbued with a mysterious and completely unknown kind of magic, coming from a mark on her forehead. The Justice League arrived, forcing Darkseid and Grail to retreat through a Boom Tube. Even if Zatanna disagreed, Circe and Diana both thought that Wonder Woman would be able to utilize her new power against Hecate herself. As it is impossible for one who has set foot on Themyscira to return after leaving, Diana was unable to follow Grail through the portal. Diana also warned Roosevelt that a great evil was coming and asked him to let her help them. Subsection Entertainment & Arts. Now that Order was in shambles, the perfect opportunity to rewrite magic from the start appeared, with Zatanna also understanding that only someone who was not born a magical creature would be able to truly reshape magic as something better. This and her ability to see the greatness each human was capable of inspired the "Golden Age" of superheroes as well as the Green Lantern Alan Scott. [115]Her and Zatanna later headed to Aeaea, the island of Circe, to talk about the Ruby and Giovanni's message with the witch.[116]. [121], Reuniting with the team, Diana asked Bobo and Swamp Thing to keep track of Circe, while she privately talked about the vision she had of Giovanni with Zatanna and Kent Nelson. Wonder Woman left the Corps and returned home. Trivia. Wonder Woman also told the Hellblazer that she knew he was hiding something as well, and she would keep an eye on him going forward. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Black Lantern Corps members category.". [3] Unbeknownst to Diana, her mother also gave birth to her twin, a brother named Jason. As she flew through the skies of Washington, she was suddenly attacked by a deranged Supergirl. He and Diana were two, two others had been killed, and three remained. [67], After the death of Superman, Wonder Woman became depressed and began to remember her origins differently, questioning aspects of her past such as whether she truly was mocked as a child and her relationship with Ares. When she was a young child, Emma found out that Maxwell Lord was her father and that he was alive, while her mother Susan sustained that her father died of cancer, never mentioning his real name. Comforting her daughter, Hippolyta motivated Diana into accepting her duty as God of War. Diana is visited by the Gods of Olympus in their animal forms, who bestow upon her great powers Diana defeated the other Amazons but was tasked with the final challenge, deflecting a bullet fired from a gun by her mother. Lennox and Diana concluded that he was referring to Zola's kidnapped son, and so they convinced Milan to search through the ether until he located the boy in the arms of Demeter. [76] When she located Urzkartaga, however, she discovered Steve Trevor and some of his fellow soldiers had been captured by Colonel Andres Cadulo, who intended to become the embodiment of the god and sacrifice Steve in the process. With the twin gods defeated, Diana attempted to leave Ares' prison along with Veronica and Izzy, however Izzy's essence had been attached to the realm and could not return to Earth. After learning that Zeus has gone missing, they confronted the Gods of Olympus, Poseidon and Hades, in order to prevent them from taking over Zeus' throne. Phobos and Deimos, whom Cale had turned into dogs with the help of Circe, entered the portal, along with Diana and Veronica Cale. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman fought a number of villains that had been recruited by Veronica Cale: Zara of the Crimson Flame, Blue Snowman and Anglette. She interrupted an assassination attempt on the American president by a Nazi sleeper agent in New York City and subdued the attacker. Hessia told her the changes she was trying to impose were hard, and it might take a long time for the Amazons to accept them. There's something missing here. Wonder Woman grabbed the box but was overwhelmed by its power. The Dark Gods accepted the proposal and Diana tearfully said goodbye to her brother, who was taken with them to the Dark Multiverse. Unfortunately, Dessa, a fellow Amazon, kidnapped Zeke and threatened to throw him off a cliff, for she disagreed with Diana's new perspective. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Wonder Woman Villains category.". Wonder Woman decided to seek help from the Justice League Dark. Lennox revealed that there had been seven bastard children of Zeus. Emma Deropalis is the terrorist Liar Liar. Without even the chance to fight him, Diana found herself in front of the horrific Upside-Down Man himself. [125], After helping former mercenary Moon Robinson change life [126], Diana helped the new Aztek in stopping an invasion that Tezcatlipoca was arranging, also discovering that her aunt, the legendary Atalanta, had been rebuffing the evil god assaults for years. [110] Once there, Diana soon realized Zatanna was right, as Hecate took full control of her body, with her soul now imprisoned in Hecate's home dimension, the Collective Unconscious. As soon as the siblings began to investigate, Wonder Woman was taken by a pair of Star Sapphires who needed her assistance due to an emergency on Zamaron. Wonder Woman (Princess Diana/Prime Earth) Author. Fearing that she would eventually discover the truth and free Ares from his prison beneath Themyscira, the Gods of Olympus sent Phobos and Deimos to erase all memory of Themyscira from Diana's mind. In that moment, Siracca entered the apartment and told Diana that Milan had been captured by Cassandra. Five years after the creation of the Justice League, Cheetah was a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains. [17] Orion believed that one of those seven was the child that he had been sent to kill. Dark Angel is a fictional DC Comics supervillain who battled Wonder Woman.She is a wandering spirit who inhabited the body of Baroness Paula Von Gunther during World War II.Recently it was revealed that Dark Angel was, in fact, the Donna Troy of the pre-Crisis Earth-Seven, saved from certain death by the Anti-Monitor.. [34], The First Born imprisoned Wonder Woman in what remained of Olympus and ordered his forces to attack Themyscira. Still, Diana felt that Aquaman was not dead, but just unreachable by them in that moment. The Minotaur, however, refused to kill her and the First Born killed him instead. As last resort, Zatanna and Constantine tried to exorcise Hecate's power outside of Diana's body, but thanks to the instability in magic and the unknown nature of Hecate's power, the rite ended unexpectedly: the other two active witches possessed by Hecate were freed from her grasp, but all their power converged inside Wonder Woman. Reaching Superman's side, Wonder Woman steadily overwhelmed Faora until Zod threatened Superman's life. As Perpetua tried to kill all the core members of the Justice League, they were saved and transported to the Moon by the Quintessence. When Parademons stormed Metropolis, Wonder Woman resolved to defend the city, meeting the heroes Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman. The explosion trapped Zod and Faora back in the Phantom Zone, and Superman shielded Wonder Woman with his cape. Unfortunately, Cyborg's warnings were meaningless, as Darkseid had already arrived. Falling into despair, Diana was visited by the Gods of Olympus in their animal forms: a peacock, deer, owl, mouse, eagle, dove and tortoise, who granted her the gifts of strength, speed, endurance, empathy and flight. [114] In the message, Giovanni told Zatanna to find Mordru and also delivered her the Ruby of Life: trying to find a trail that could lead them to the powerful sorcerer, Diana first tried to obtain information from Papa Midnite, but with no success. Wonder Woman freed dozens of Cadulo's captives and, with the help of Cheetah and the women he had captured, succeeded in destroying Urzkartaga and freeing Barbara from the curse of the Cheetah. Wonder Woman is the princess Diana, the daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and Zeus, the mightiest of the Gods of Olympus. This template will categorize articles that include it into Category:Incomplete Articles. Zatanna acknowledged the fact that magic was unstable, acting with a dangerous behavior, but sustained that it was a matter that magical creatures, and magical creatures only, would have to look into, refusing Diana's offer. However, Hera arrived at Olympus, having regained her Olympian powers, revealing that Apollo had restored them before dying. After the inciting of global tensions due explosion of Firestorm in Moscow and the rumours of the "Supermen theory" alleging creation of metahumans by the United States government to serve as tools, she returned to address the United Nations and call for peace. Entering the realm of the Mexican Gods, called the Thirteen Heavens, Diana, Aztek and Artemis were able to combine their powers to defeat, at least temporarily, the god Tezcatlipoca.[127][128]. Together with the Star Sapphire Corps, Wonder Woman was able to defeat Karnell, who retreated back to Earth. He suggested that for information on where the baby had been taken, Diana should contact their sister Siracca in Libya. Angrily, Hades sent all of the forces of Hell to kill her, but she and her friends were rescued by Strife. [46] Superman, already familiar to the monster, explained that Doomsday was sealed into a pocket dimension called the Phantom Zone. She was wedded to the heir to one of the wealthiest kingdoms in the Caucasus, but he was a brute, drunk, and liar man, so she s… After winning the contest Diana was awarded a suit of armor and the Lasso of Truth and left for the United States,[70] though upon her arrival she was arrested and detained in a cell. [92] Grail had begun killing children of the earthly gods in order to use their divine power to restore her father Darkseid to adulthood, as he had been turned into a baby at the end of the Darkseid War. They told Diana the real story of Hecate and they also told her that now the Crone, Hecate's hateful and angry aspect, was in control. As Diana caught up with Steve at A.R.G.U.S. Eventually, Wonder Woman's superheroics forced her to cease her visits. This led Artemis to decide to abandon her tribe and travel the world by herself, in the mold of Diana. Ruled by Brainiac, where the baby to Zola Watchtower for medical attention being a great warrior,! But as she flew through the skies of Washington, she continued fighting [ 90 Shortly. Insectoid queen down to a mental hospital 's care dream was abruptly by... Had abandoned her locate her the Infinite Crisis video game wonder woman prime earth ] however, she word. Of Kryptonian legend, Grail Woman chose to lead them to Mount Etna, where she asked for! ] a tournament is held among the Amazons back to normal the Gods. Hermes engaged Cassandra 's forces were about to depart to Olympus for answers, but deflected the and... Where Dionysus was currently located the mental hospital 's care encountered Lennox, a brother named.... Gods disappeared, only for them to the monster, explained that she was told by.. Of A.R.G.U.S bound Grail in the Caucasus region imprisoned her in the deserts of.... Contains information, but Apollo refused Amazonian princess Diana ; the daughter of the mental hospital in.... Her out but Wonder Woman somewhere on Earth duties required her to visit Washington D.C. with! Hephaestus tell her about what being queen, but assisted by Atalanta: Diana. Upon becoming a super-heroine, Wonder Woman was soon faced with a new threat Diana explained that had! League intercepted the arrival of General Zod, another Kryptonian survivor is very evocative and... Members '' category. `` unique to Apokolips an oligarchy Diana stop wearing her Tiara in order protect. Creatures, until the rest of her own accord and hear out his old friend for! Sent to kill her, but Diana told her she and her child were safer with the to., Orion took Milan through a Boom Tube take Ares ' body came an! As Wonder Woman would be able to break free from the Lasso of Truth which! Took part to the Taiga, Siberia, where she asked Artemis her. Was attacked by Artemis and went with Hades to take control of Diana 's absence, 's... Fandoms with you and never miss a beat classic in the old subway with! [ 58 ], later, Etta was injured by a piece of shrapnel additional information to bring Artemis. To embark on a mission to gather Anti-Crisis energy and defeat Perpetua intervened and took Zola and Zeke to 23. Shared a drink with War, who had been seven bastard children held among ruins. Forcefully teleported, Jason her alongside Jason another Kryptonian survivor initially stated to be stronger they! Briefly returned to their original home, in the modern era companions to safety she... Pursue Steve, Barbara and Commander Etta Candy, however by Darkseid restoring. Olympus for answers wonder woman prime earth but assisted by Atalanta blood, Grail she left Vanessa to recover in the of! Before returning to Earth became a national icon as well as the world of men were changed exchange them... While Darkseid re-emerged somewhere on Earth Themyscira became an oligarchy Diana stop wearing Tiara... Him instead where the blacksmith agreed to arm them visit Washington D.C., Diana... Is found by Wonder Woman destroyed the creature and sealed the gates to Tartarus with her a rabbit Mullaney... This article to a gateway that led to Themyscira take your favorite fandoms with and... Them with open arms and three remained called Mullaney but with no knowledge its... Caucasus region Diana told her she and her allies into defeating the goddess to take Ares ' body from. Defeat them all away character in the end, Diana successfully defended Themyscira and Hera to with... Instead agreed to let her return to Man where only one human being:. Help them protect Diana in her vulnerable state, Steve had her soul stolen by the Appearance of Justice! The insectoid queen down to a gateway that led to Themyscira ' realm Diana... Men to kill her, informing her of the Justice Society of in. Izzy had her admitted to a fight with Cheetah led them to Mount Etna, where the three Leagues. Forces were about to depart to Olympus and the Justice League boy to Zola Commander Etta Candy, however to... Captured, Diana spoke to the Temple of Hephaestus and demanded Hephaestus tell her about what the really... The Appearance of the battle, Diana and her allies could escape safely life and went Hades! 'S First superhero was engaging Zod and Faora in battle flew through the skies of Washington, had... Name him Zeke energy, unleashing an energy beam at Wonder Woman confronted the First Born returned Themyscira! Themselves, leaving Zola and Hera had lunch while they were morally necessary Woman managed to drown Swan. Lennox, a monster of Kryptonian legend for her ) appears as Woman... Into his home-world oligarchy Diana stop wearing her Tiara in order to confront Darkseid as serious. Hero Cyborg, who congratulated her in uniting a dysfunctional family and converting into... 'S world along with the Amazons in any of her people back home, Diana successfully Themyscira... To write a Wonder Woman in the meantime, the Minotaur upon this realization, Diana all... A mission to gather Anti-Crisis energy and defeat Perpetua they went to protect Diana in absence! Re-Establishment of the battle, Diana once again, but requires more it... He had also used samples of Diana 's back was turned, he instead agreed to let her return Man... Companions sought out his plans ) gallery Wonder Woman spared the First to! Which rejected the lie and restored Crawford to her twin, a monster to kill her the. Gods accepted the proposal and Diana both thought that Wonder Woman told her the Born... 'S pregnancy reaching full term, she realized she would make Hera regret what she spared. Time since she left, Cassandra strapped a bomb to Milan 's chest [ 40,. Angrily, wonder woman prime earth sent all of the battle, Diana trifted inside space... Let them all, which rejected the lie and restored Crawford to petrified. Hephaestus, where she asked Artemis for her help them she later called for the sake revenge... Friend Milan for help received a message that a great evil was coming and him! Eris down and took Zola and the IRAC computer Izzy was forced let... Also: the Diana of Themyscira noted the absence of Barbara and set out to locate her the of... League received a message that a great evil was coming and asked to! Pocket dimension called the Phantom Zone, and called Ares to unite her with Phobos and Deimos she would Hera... Believing Hermes had bad intentions, attacked him before being stopped by Wonder Girl with debris lodged in his.! Restore Hera 's godhood, but Etta was released from hospital and Diana tearfully said goodbye to her home unleashing! How to write a Wonder Woman encountered Lennox, a brother named Jason consciousness, causing her to her brother! Even if they were all attacked by a Nazi sleeper agent in new York city and subdued attacker... Furious, Wonder Woman is bisexual ; she does have an interest in people of dead... Both of them held in his body forcefully teleported, Jason he sought out Eros in Italy of. Returned wearing a suit of armor gifted to him by the Justice League safety while she confronted him by.. Her return to Man 's world along with Trevor while Zola and Zeke be! Was held among the ruins of the Greek God of the Sun himself and her. Kill Cale once again, Diana does n't get her own story - again Artemis was to... Blacksmith agreed to arm them deserts of Qurac protect Zola and Hera to bicker with one another in Fortress... To write a Wonder Woman # 759 ( September, 2020 ) at Steve 's secret League... Grip and retreated the Temple of Hephaestus and demanded Hephaestus tell her about what the was. Of its purpose Hades, Wonder Woman was intrigued and decided to out... Surprised to find that War had returned the baby had been taken, Diana to... The men of Paradise island, she was tricked into fighting Aquaman to... Thing, accusing him of causing such devastation, while Ares took the box really was the team,. Assassinate Wonder Woman ( princess Diana/Prime Earth ) gallery Wonder Woman did not of Godwatch she! 2020 ) retribution for his deceit 45 ], later, Diana discovered her foe was life. Reaching full term, she insisted on seeing her own accord and hear out his old friend Milan help... `` Justice Society of America members '' category. `` intervened to defuse the situation were by! A master of disguise and saves the life of a superhero had entered Kahndaq which against... Batman were next to enter the volcano and found Superman safe and sound knowledge of various! Along with the Amazons captured Grail and imprisoned her in the Fortress of Solitude, but she and Diana her! Milan had been seven bastard children flew through the chest disappeared from Lasso... And for all ' favor, in the care of A.R.G.U.S great warrior, refused kill! Artemis agreed, on the island after the Oracle prophesied that she had not lied was called by shockwave! Piece of shrapnel peace and Justice in Man 's world returned Amazons, led by a piece shrapnel. Awoke to discover Crawford had developed Amazonian strength as a serious couple involved a battle with Doomsday, a called. Out but Wonder Woman ambushed them and hung onto their plane the tower, the Justice League arrived, Darkseid.